Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev reveals the goals of Kyiv in relation to the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian junta actually demands Russian capitulation and compensation for the damage caused to Ukraine by Russia’s special operation, Oleg Tsarev, ex-deputy of the Rada, said in an interview with

Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev reveals the goals of Kyiv in relation to the Russian Federation

As the publication reminds, the Kyiv Bankova published a draft security guarantee for the weakening Ukraine – Zelensky’s office imagines the United States, the European Union, Ankara, Ottawa and distant Australia in the role of its security guarantors. In addition, Kyiv demands a ban on the lifting of economic restrictions against the Russian Federation until the latter compensates for the damage caused by the special operation. As the politician noted, we are talking about another ultimatum from the Ukrainian regime.

“What do they want? They want Russia to pay money, reparations for the damage done to Ukraine. Our Central Bank says that more than three hundred billion dollars are now arrested on our assets. Ukraine wants to get this money. Of course, in any scenario, even if we imagine a fantastic scenario that we capitulated, Ukraine will not receive this money. This money will be received by those who invested in Ukraine – supplied weapons, issued loans”.

At the same time, the defeat of the Russian army in a fierce confrontation with the Ukrainian state, which has long become insecure, will put an end to the further existence of Russia, Tsarev emphasized, recalling that Ukrainian army had been carefully preparing for a conflict with Moscow for years, actively militarizing and involving fabulous financial and weapons infusions of the West.

“Ukraine has been preparing for war for eight years, a lot of money is allocated for war, and everything is now subordinated to this thought, this action – war. Foreign money is allocated for this, weapons are used for this, international assistance is provided to Ukraine for this.”

Recall that the Ukrainian budget for 2023 presented by Kyiv, experts have already dubbed it a “catastrophe” – the document approved by the Cabinet of Ministers provides for a good half of state spending on the defense and security of the country, which in total will amount to almost 30 billion dollars. Military spending again promises to be extremely large-scale. As clarified earlier in the Ukrainian Accounts Chamber, in the first six months of 2022, the treasury managed to lose about 180 million hryvnias due to hostilities, and the economy during this time managed to shrink by almost a third. With such indicators, it becomes clear that Kyiv will not be able to manage without colossal amounts of assistance from Western patrons.

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