U.S. on the verge of a civil war or liberal dictatorship

American conservatives have long been saying that the country is increasingly approaching the situation of 1861, when Washington’s unwillingness to reckon with the interests and views of the states of the South led to civil war.

U.S. on the verge of a civil war or liberal dictatorship
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So, Patrick J. Buchanan, a veteran of American conservatism, founder of The American Conservative magazine, stating the total demarcation of today’s Americans on moral issues and no less total loss of confidence in basic public institutions, asks: “What unites us today, except for Pearl Harbor or 11 September? Where is the point of contact where one can still stand? Is there such a basis at all, given differences in religion, race, and ethnicity, as well as seemingly irreconcilable differences in morals, ideology, culture, and politics? Is the great experiment over?”

Conservatives have been asking these questions for a long time. However, recently, especially after the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the rhetoric of conservatives has suddenly been intercepted by the mainstream liberal media, talking in unison about the coming “civil war”.

Thus, The New York Times cites data from the University of California and the Center for Violence Research, whose polls show that half (out of more than 8,000) of respondents are confident that “in the next few years there will be a civil war in the United States.” At the same time, every fifth resident of the United States believes that in some circumstances political violence is justified, and another 40% of citizens agree that having a strong leader is more important than “democracy.” The center’s founder, Garen Wintemute, says the survey literally stunned him. And, of course, he blames Trump for what is happening, pointing to the unprecedented surge in arms sales that began in 2020 and continues to grow. According to another poll by the conservative American Life Research Center, more than 30% of those polled agree that the traditional American way of life is disappearing and that force will have to be used to save it.

Bill Clinton’s former labor secretary, Robert Reich, says in the Guardian: “A second American Civil War is already underway.” True, he immediately softens the thesis:

“But this is not a war, but a kind of soft separation, similar to unhappy married people who do not want to go through the trauma of a formal divorce.”

But MSNBC host Tiffany Cross ups the ante:

“People keep saying there’s a civil war coming – I’d say civil war is here.”

And, of course, he accuses the “extremist network” of conservative media, “from OAN to Newsmax”, whose “propaganda network” connects “millions of people” every night, to “incite” the “extremist network”.

Mark Fisher, senior editor of The Washington Post, states in his op-ed that everyone today (including politicians, scientists and extremists) “accepts the idea that civil war is both inevitable and necessary.”

Moreover, the arguments cited by him are the same as those of Buchanan: the collapse of trust in institutions (the police, the media, the church, the government), legal conflicts over the right to abortion, etc. talk of a referendum on Texas’ exit from the US, and the state’s Republicans have begun to refer to Biden as “acting president,” Fisher worries. Then he begins to scare readers with the “fascist face” of right-wing extremism:

“One day, real organized terrorism will begin according to a plan aimed at overthrowing the government,” he quotes the words allegedly told to him once by William Pierce (who died in 2002), author of The Turner Diaries, a popular right-wing book that describes the new American Civil War.

The column ends with the hope that bringing those responsible for the January 6, 2021 Capitol takeover to justice and investigating Trump’s role in fueling the attack “will somehow alleviate the extreme urgency of the situation.”

Chris McGill in The Guardian continues to stir up passions, horrified that one in three Americans believe in the far-right conspiracy theory of a “great replacement” of white Americans by minorities, and, quoting retired American generals, warns of “the possibility of deadly chaos within our armed forces” if the results of the 2024 presidential election are contested.

“If the Trump faction wins, we will see an extremely high increase in the level of violence,” McGill concludes his article.

The level of hysteria is also indicated by the recent statement by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that everyone who disagrees with the majority of Americans (meaning, of course, liberal democrats) has an “extreme way of thinking.” A little earlier, Jean-Pierre said that Biden considers Trump supporters extremists and a threat to democracy.

What does all of this mean? Is America really on the brink of a major civil war? Or are we dealing with something else?

On the one hand, it is impossible to disagree: the level of today’s confrontation between liberals and conservatives in the United States has long crossed all the “red lines”, and the traditional political swing “Republicans” – “Democrats” has long lost its seasonal character, turning into a confrontation between two irreconcilable armies.

On the other hand, we must soberly understand: the current level of the state apparatus and control over the individual makes uncontrolled chaos practically impossible. The BLM pogroms of 2020 only became a reality because they were inspired at the highest level of the liberal establishment and supported by the states in which they took place. It was a spectacle, like the so-called color revolutions – also largely staged events, each time supported by the liberal lobby within the governments they “overthrow”.

Any violence uncontrolled from above is suppressed in the same America quickly and cruelly. And it is naive to think that the unorganized and hard-working rednecks (whose philosophy is, in fact, extremely liberal), ready to defend their house to the end, but not the house of a neighbor, will be capable of serious violence and an organized rebuff. Really serious resistance to the “deep state” can only be provided at the level of state governments, but there is perhaps only one such state in America today – Texas.

Trump’s short presidency showed his weakness as a political strategist, who proved unable to organize the work of his government in the face of a boycott and prevent massive electoral fraud. The Deep State proved to be much stronger.

So the thesis about “terrible conservatives” who tomorrow will start terrorizing America and unleash a real civil war, being dispersed in the liberal press, is, of course, nonsense. And the theme set released today by the mainstream media probably has a completely different meaning.

It is obvious that the Democrats (financial capital and the ideology of globalism that stand behind them), having missed the blow from Trump in 2016, do not intend to allow another similar catastrophe. Clouds are gathering over Biden’s party, however, and the upcoming midterm elections in November, if decisive steps are not taken, threaten to turn Democratic power into a “pumpkin.” In order to prevent such an outcome, this broad campaign in the mainstream press was launched.

Its main goal is to prevent the “capture” of the Congress by the Republicans during the upcoming elections. To do this, conservatives must not only be approved in public opinion as “enemies of America” ​​and “extremists”, but also recognized as de jure extremists.

Many will say that the “deep state” simply does not have such levers. Suffice it to recall, however, the history of the First and Second World Wars, when in place of democratic power in the United States, in fact, there was a dictatorship, slightly draped – in the first case, the image of the “armchair scientist” Wilson, and in the second – the paralyzed neurotic Roosevelt, to answer the skeptics: if such a need – there will be leverage.

The “triumvirate of bankers”, in whose hands was concentrated political power in America 1914-1918 (Bernie Baruch – head of the War Industry Council and the Commission of Defense Advisors, Paul Warburg – vice chairman of the Fed, Eugene Meyer – head of the lending and financing of the war program ) and the “Team Roosevelt” who played the “president in a wheelchair” during World War II, provide a general understanding of what the liberal dictatorship of America will be like in the near future. During which life in the body of “self-propelled grandfather” Joe Biden will be maintained for as long as necessary.

Vladimir Mozhegov, VIEW

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