The world heard Vladimir Putin

Everything was mixed up at the UN General Assembly. Barely awake in their New York suites, politicians around the world saw Vladimir Putin on TV announcing a partial mobilization in Russia. This was superimposed on previous news about referendums in the liberated territories of the former Ukraine. And the whole agenda of the General Assembly was spoilt

The world heard Vladimir Putin
Photo: © Administration of the President of Russia

Joe Biden’s speechwriters rushed to rewrite his speech, which the US President was supposed to deliver from the podium. Hot on the heels of Putin’s speech, condemnation of Russia’s “aggression” was inserted into it. To be honest, everyone in Russia is accustomed to this. Every time Russia tries to protect people from terrorists, be it in Georgia, Syria, or now in Ukraine, some kind of “aggression” is attributed to it. Does the West want Russians to continue idly watching how it is firing missiles at the Russian peaceful cities and villages? Now the answer is no. Well, it won’t happen again.

Even before Biden’s speech at the General Assembly, The Washington Post advised him to give Putin a “hard rebuke” about Ukraine. Well, to be honest, the President of the United States is no longer young, he did not do very well. Biden emphasized the point that Russia is a member of the UN Security Council and at the same time, allegedly with its special operation, “violates the basic principles of the UN Charter.” For the Americans, this should be an occasion to try to expand the Security Council by inviting someone new there and increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent members of the Council.

This is a long-cherished dream of the Washington regime – to shove one of its most devoted vassals into the permanent members of the Security Council, so that he would work out rations there and help put pressure on Russia and China.

At the same time, the most bizarre candidates arise – for example, Germany. Olaf Scholz is very open to this idea. People are still alive who remember the monstrous crimes of the Nazi invaders. And the heirs of these monsters, who today shed the blood of Russian people in the Donbass, already want to rule the world, climb into the ranks of the winners in World War II, who founded the UN. Another candidate – just don’t laugh – is Japan. Probably the only country in the world that has managed to break the German record for war crimes.

It’s just not clear how to push these protégés into the Security Council if both Russia and China, who suffered at the time from Germany and Japan, use their veto power. So all this is still talk in favor of the poor.

Biden also repeated the old mantra that “no one threatened Russia and no one but Russia sought conflict.” And then Putin suddenly took it and “came out with reckless nuclear threats.”

It turns out that the Americans poured billions into Ukrainian territories, sent tons of weapons there, trained the military, provided intelligence, sent their military there under the legend of “mercenaries.” American weapons were used to kill Russian people. Some clear-cut boys who spoke English plucked Russian flags from the buildings of Izyum. And all this type was not a threat to Russia. No, it is clear that dementia dramatically weakens mental abilities. But who knew that it had spread to Biden’s speechwriters as well?

Unexpectedly, the piece of the speech dedicated to China turned out to be peaceful. Local analysts expected that the American president would almost declare war on China in his speech. But, apparently, the Russian question turned out to be so complicated that they had to slow down on the Far Eastern flank. Biden mumbled something about not respecting human rights, but assured that the US “does not want conflict with China.” Indeed, on two fronts – against Russia and China at the same time – you will not gain much.

Exactly according to American manuals, they reacted to Putin’s speech in Britain. Foreign Minister James Cleverley feigned incomprehension:

“We have never threatened Russia, we have never encroached on its territorial integrity.” What are they like? And Ben Wallace generally decided that the decree on partial mobilization is a sign that “the invasion of Ukraine has failed.”

I don’t know how long the British Minister of Defense looked at the map of the world, but I would like to explain to him. Three days later, after the referenda, millions of people will join Russia in an area of ​​113,000 square kilometers. That’s almost half the UK, Ben. We got it with amazingly little bloodshed – the Russian Minister of Defense reported that the irretrievable losses of the Russian military amounted to less than six thousand people, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – more than 60 thousand. I think the failures look somehow different. That’s when you fled from Afghanistan with the entire NATO code, it was a failure, yes.

Most of all, Putin’s appeal caused the representatives of the Old World to worry. For several hours, the Europeans groaned on the sidelines of the General Assembly, coordinating their positions. They can be understood – the hint about the “wind rose”, which, if something happens, will carry radiation throughout Europe and around the world, was as clear as possible. Finally, they made up their minds and showed deep concern.

Always calling Putin, Macron said the decision to partially mobilize was a “mistake.” Olaf Scholz called it “an act of desperation”. Josep Borrell urged to judge in general all Russians related to the special operation. It also seems that we are waiting for another package of sanctions from the EU – whether for referendums, or for mobilization, or in aggregate, they themselves do not know. It all looked very pathetic.

Initially, the goal of this UN General Assembly, which almost completely fell under the influence of the Americans, was a demonstrative “punishment” of Russia. Washington planned to drag to its side those countries of the world that emphatically adhere to neutrality in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. On the one hand, they were threatened to bring down the economy with second-order sanctions. On the other hand, they pressed mentally: if you do not support us, we will try to make you outcasts of the world.

In the apt expression of Chinese journalists, this UN General Assembly has become a “hostage of the West.” However, unexpected news from Moscow changed a lot. The leaders of the most important countries of the world refused to “switch to the side of the world.”

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, arriving in New York, confirmed that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador remains committed to his plan for a peaceful settlement of the confrontation in Ukraine. The Mexican leadership also opposes anti-Russian sanctions.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro spoke at the General Assembly in exactly the same spirit. He demands from Western countries not to interfere with dialogue and conflict resolution, and also strongly condemns “unipolar” sanctions.

Official China shares these pacifist aspirations and also calls for negotiations and a settlement of the conflict. It is interesting, however, that literally immediately after Putin’s speech, Xi Jinping turned to the Chinese military – participants in the seminar on national defense – and called on the army to prepare for hostilities. No wonder: the Americans did everything to turn Taiwan into a second Ukraine. Then, faced with the PLA, representatives of Washington will also shrug their hands in amazement – well, how is it, well, we didn’t threaten you.

Chinese political scientists are sympathetic to Putin’s decision on partial mobilization, but admit that this makes the very idea of ​​negotiations meaningless and inevitably leads to a protracted confrontation. And the longer the war goes on, the more dangerous and unpredictable it becomes. A global nuclear conflict looms on the event horizon.

Ukraine, an unfortunate pretext for world confrontation, has long been forgotten. It is clear that the point is not in it, but in the fact that the West, at risk to itself and the whole world, is provoking the largest nuclear power. And now the whole world – from leading politicians to couch warriors – is discussing Putin’s phrase “This is not a bluff” for the second day.

“I don’t believe that he will use nuclear weapons,” Volodymyr Zelensky persuades his masters. “There will be no winners in a nuclear war,” Joe Biden bleats. “Russia will lose in a nuclear conflict with NATO,” said NATO Secretary General Ian Stoltenberg. “If Russia just sticks its head out, NATO will tear it off,” General Richard Shirref, ex-deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe, sentences.

Well thanks, we got it. We didn’t really expect anything else. It has long been evident that things in the West are just seams. That they cannot improve their situation. And they see a full-fledged world war as the only salvation for themselves. She writes everything down. Well, another Western campaign against Russia began under the pretext of protecting Ukraine.

Well, in the centuries-old history of Russia there is one interesting pattern. Every century it takes some Western capital. Berlin was taken in the 18th century. In the 19th century, Paris. In the 20th century – Berlin again. Tellingly, each such victory ensured peace for many decades to come. And we had a great life. And Europe, having received the tinsel, wiped off and lived on perfectly. Everywhere there was peace and goodwill among men.

Seventy-seven years ago, Russian ancestors bought them decades of peaceful life at the cost of their blood. Now everything is spent. It’s time to conquer the world again.

Victoria Nikiforova, RIA

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