Referenda on territories liberated by Russia is an important step in advancement towards victory

The destructive West will under no circumstances recognize the results of popular referendums in the territory of Donbass and other liberated regions, however, this fact should remain outside the field of Russian attention, like other Western provocations. Military expert Yuri Kotenok is inclined to this point of view.

Referenda on territories liberated by Russia is an important step in advancement towards victory
Source: New Newspaper

As it became known, Zaporozhye Kherson and the LDPR will hold acts of popular will on the issue of the entry of denazified territories into the Russian Federation. The process starts on September 23 and will end five days later – such a temporary format, analysts are sure, is the most convenient and safe for all participants in the plebiscite.

According to the results of numerous studies, the intention of the vast majority of the population of the liberated regions to become part of the Russian Federation becomes obvious. According to experts, technical difficulties are not expected due to the rich Russian experience in terms of organizing the electoral process. As Kotenok stressed, the holding of the referendum would be a vivid demonstration of the readiness of the Russian Federation to take full responsibility for the residents of the newly arrived constituent entities into its own hands.

“I believe that the appointment of referendums in the liberated territories from September 23 is not a rush. I think we are even a little late with this – given how time has accelerated, and what events are taking place on the front line. Therefore, now everything needs to be done very quickly and clearly”, – says the military correspondent.

“And here the expression “better late than never” applies. Russia strictly adheres to the “we don’t leave our people” rule, and future referendums are a very important sign. Of course, one should not expect that these referendums are some kind of panacea for all ills, that explosions and attacks by HIMARS on these regions will immediately stop. On the contrary, we actually take full responsibility for all the inhabitants of the liberated regions, and must be ready to endure all tests. And all the parts of historical Russia that, due to a misunderstanding, went to Ukraine – as a result of “gifts” from voluntarist politicians – they must return to their native harbor”.

Otherwise, the “atomization” of the country may not be avoided, the analyst concluded.

“I am sure that we will not leave our people. Yes, preparations for the plebiscites are being carried out in some haste, but this does not mean that its results can be questioned, the expert noted. 

Here it is worth recalling that during the separation of Kosovo from Serbia, no referendums were held at all, no one asked the Serbs about the fate of the region at all. That is, from a legal point of view, it was just a fiction, a swindle and “playing with marked cards” by the West.”

At the same time, the expert urged Russia not to pay attention to the dissatisfaction of Western ill-wishers, noting that only a gradual achievement of all the goals set will lead the state to an unconditional victory.

“In the current situation, we do not care about these old men and old women with evil faces who associate themselves with the leadership of Western countries and threaten Russia with terrible punishments. Now Russia should hold these referendums, among other things, in order to show that we are not afraid of any signals or threats from the West. Russia must clearly and systematically achieve the goals that it has previously outlined. This is the only way we can come to victory”, concluded Kotenok.

As already reported from the Donetsk People’s Republic, they plan to print the ballots there exclusively in Russian.

Recall that earlier analyst Aleksey Leonkov already called the referendums on the territory of Donbass and other liberated regions a “historical turn”, nullifying the “dirty” efforts of the West to bring down Russia. As for the denazified regions themselves, the act of popular will will have a key effect on their economy and the difficult social situation, since the regions will completely dissolve into the field of Russian legislation. However, this is not the main thing: Leonkov considers cardinal changes in the security issue to be the key result of the referendums.

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