“Probing the situation”: expert evaluates course of the West towards the Russian Federation

Russia’s refusal from the miserable role of a “gas station” aroused a thirst for revenge in the ranks of the elites: Euroleaders dream of a nuclear strike on the Russian Federation, and they are quite capable of it, – expert in political science Andrei Suzdaltsev has no doubts about this, whose point of view is published by Ukraina.ru.

“Probing the situation”: expert evaluates course of the West towards the Russian Federation
Source: MK

The analyst commented on the relative calmness of the West, explaining it by his native confidence that Russia would not launch a nuclear strike first.

“We won’t strike first, that’s the problem. Our task is to intercept and respond in time. Pay attention, there are such indicators: people who are called up to the highest posts are oriented towards nuclear war. This, for example, is Liz Truss, who simply raves about nuclear war, in my opinion, she considers every day without a nuclear strike on Russia lost. And look at Scholz. He now wants to take revenge on Russia.”

The analyst recalled that the West has long hoped for the collapse of the most powerful geopolitical competitor – the Russian state – for many years, resorting to various tricks and provocations, and also not abandoning attempts to “probe the situation.”

“In the 1990s, they expected that our state would collapse, fall apart like the Soviet Union, they provoked some of our national republics. After Russia resisted, there were attempts to influence us from the nearest perimeter, for example, in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, where our peacekeeping battalion was shot. Then about 40 Russian peacekeepers, “blue helmets” who had been guaranteed security by Georgia, died. In Tbilisi, they have not yet admitted that they killed the boys, shot them, guaranteeing their lives. This provocation continued in 2014.”

As experts said earlier, the first faces of ardent anti-Russian persecution, embarking on a global economic confrontation with Moscow, were initially led by a single goal – the total isolation of a powerful Russian state on the world stage. However, all of them, as one, forgot about the main thing, experts say, the well-being of their own states. Moscow, according to analysts’ forecasts, will not only survive and successfully outplay all sorts of forms of political blackmail, but will itself be able to effectively resist the destructive policy of the weakening collective West.

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