“Cunning scenario”: American general revealed Erdogan’s plans for NATO

Ankara set out to “impress” the Kremlin, and therefore Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan is developing a “nightmare scenario” for the North Atlantic Alliance, retired US Army General Holt said in an article for Newsmax. The information is published by the publication PolitRussia.

"Cunning scenario": American general revealed Erdogan's plans for NATO
Source: RIA News

According to Holt, the failed political course of Washington full of gross miscalculations, which turned into the start of major Chinese exercises around Taiwan, is to blame. The general considers the subsequent visit of Congresswoman Pelosi to Armenia an outrageous mistake.

“The major regional players: Russia, Iran and Turkey all agreed that Pelosi’s trip was destabilizing. At the same moment, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sided with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping at the SCO summit. This rapprochement came on the same day that Pelosi’s visit offended Turkey. Naturally, Erdogan announced his goal of Turkey’s entry into the SCO,” the article says.

At the same time, the Turkish economy is in a very deplorable state, Holt emphasizes: the population is suffering from unprecedented inflation and a rapid depreciation of the currency. Fearing a new round of escalation in the confrontation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which would finally bring down the Turkish economic system, Erdogan decided on a rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing. Such steps by the Turkish leader cause growing tension in high Western offices, while the expulsion of the country from NATO will respond with an even greater weakening of Western positions, the author notes.

“If we exclude Turkey from NATO, its last link with the West will be severed. Russia, China and Iran would be very pleased with such an outcome. In addition, the BRICS countries are only a few steps away from being able to compete with the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Turkey is the crown jewel of this noble aspiration,” the retired general said.

According to the military expert, the reasons for what is happening are in Turkey’s clear consciousness of the complete disinterest of the West in its own interests. Thus, remaining in the ranks of the military bloc, and at the same time gradually approaching Moscow and Beijing, Erdogan will be able to actually “paralyze” the military bloc, acting in accordance with Russian-Chinese interests, Holt emphasized.

“What if the Turks, who have been masters of strategic maneuvering for centuries, remain in NATO and accept full membership in the SCO along with Russia, China and Iran? This dire scenario leaves Turkey with an incredible veto power against the NATO consensus to impress its new friends.

As noted earlier by International Business Times (Ibtimes) expert Sunny Peter, a “membership card” in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will allow Ankara to acquire reliable mechanisms for governing the West: it was for this purpose that Turkish leader Erdogan turned to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Ankara’s unpredictable behavior worries Washington more and more, the analyst stressed.

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