U.S. continues to use the Ukrainian issue for its own purposes

Meanwhile, in the United States before the upcoming elections, the Democrats continue to use the Ukrainian issue for their own purposes.

U.S. continues to use the Ukrainian issue for its own purposes
Source: novostivl.ru

In particular, Senator Chris Murphy said that the increase in the number of Republicans in the US Congress will reduce support for Ukraine. He added that if Republicans linked to Donald Trump gain control of the House or Senate, there is a chance they will withhold any additional aid to Ukraine. As the reason for this turn of affairs, Murphy made it clear that the dominant part of the Republican Party is positively disposed towards Vladimir Putin.

In this situation, I once again advise Russian political commentators not to flatter themselves and pay attention to the position of the Republicans.

They are not at all refusing additional financial support for Ukraine – some only say that they insist on a more detailed discussion of what will be included in the next bailout package and argue over ways in which another specific bill can be pushed through the US Congress.

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