Turkey-Greece conflict brewing within NATO – media

Die Welt reports that a real war between Turkey and Greece is brewing within the alliance. The publication recalls that the two countries were close to armed conflict in the 80s, 90s and even two years ago.

Turkey-Greece conflict brewing within NATO – media
Source: www.nbalanchak.livejournal.com

Disputes between Ankara and Athens over hydrocarbon deposits and the status of the Greek islands have escalated again. Recently, Erdogan threatened Greece that his soldiers could “shower at night.” Ankara, in turn, accused Athens of shelling the cargo ship.

In the event of a military conflict between the two countries, NATO assistance to Ukraine may be in jeopardy, historian Ryan Gingeras is quoted as saying. According to the expert, destabilization in the conflict zone will become “the biggest nightmare,” since the Greek port of Alexandroupolis is the key point for the alliance’s arms supplies to Kyiv.

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