The point of no return in the war against the West has been passed

Vladimir Putin delivered a historic address

The point of no return in the war against the West has been passed
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The point of no return in the war against the West has been passed. In this sense, today is more important than February 24th. Then the Russians went to war without a specific goal. It seemed that it was worth hitting, and Ukraine would fall apart, and there – as it will be God’s will. But God did not give victory – it was not possible to get victory from a swoop. Difficult months began with a blurred horizon, without clear guidelines. Now these guidelines are clear.

As Vladimir Putin stated, Russia will not only do everything to ensure the safe holding of referendums in the LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, but will also support the decision that the population of these regions will make. As for the West, in the event of a threat to the existence of the country, Russia will use all the means at its disposal, including nuclear weapons. And this is also stated directly.

But most importantly, mobilization has been officially announced, albeit partial. In recent weeks, we have seen the most powerful opposition to the very idea of ​​holding this event. Nevertheless, Putin went for it, and this decision is certainly the right one, given the length of the borders and Kyiv’s readiness to literally fill up Russian positions with Ukrainian meat.

This is indeed a victory for Russia, and for the Russian people, and for the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Not yet on the battlefield, but in their heads, but this is even more important. The President openly declared war until the complete defeat of the enemy, because at the other end is not just defeat, but death, the death of the country and the collapse of Russian civilization.

We are in for a total war. This means that what is needed is not euphoria, but the maximum concentration of the front and rear, the internal mobilization of the entire society, the readiness and desire to make difficult, unpopular decisions. No choice.

This war is going on not only in the form of deliveries of ultra-precise, ultra-modern weapons, from which the Kyiv regime is hitting the Russian army and Russian cities. A total war is also going on in the liberated territories, far from the front line. It goes even in the rear, among us – in Moscow, Vladivostok, Kazan.

The fifth column, mothballed cells and “sleeping” agents of influence – all this is mobilized for sabotage, destabilization and incitement of protest moods, and not only in the liberal environment. The past months have also highlighted those characters who are a priori “insufficient” and “treacherous” any decisions of the president and government, adjusting them to crazy conspiracy theories.

There will be no negotiations, no agreements. There will be a war until victory. And we are all facing hard times. But we will stand. Victory will be ours.

Nikolai Sevostyanov, Today. RU

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