Referendums in former Ukraine restore historical justice

The decision of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions to hold referendums on joining Russia on September 23-27, 2022, as the then Ukrainian Crimea did in 2014, caused a commotion primarily in the West

Referendums in former Ukraine restore historical justice
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It is understandable: the West frightened Russia, threatened it with economic devastation and loss of political influence, and has to be afraid of itself, straining sweating and not having the opportunity to wash with hot water without risk to freeze. And Russia can get out of the next historical and geopolitical disorder both reinforced and with new territories, which themselves will ask for cohabitation to it. Awaz from Western sins, and closer to morality and normal human traditions.

It has already been stated that they do not recognize the results of referenda in the United States, in general, the European Union, in its individual parts such as Germany and France, in Turkey. But Estonia, of course, as always especially distinguished itself. Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas was almost the first to start commenting indignantly.

“Scenario of the invaders is in action. Since the Russian Federation promotes a false referendum in the occupied territories of Ukraine, let me say this loudly and clearly: we never recognize this. Ukraine has every right to return its territory. Donbass, Crimea, Kherson – this is all Ukraine. Russia continues to blackmail and illegally tries to pick up what does not belong to it. Such actions will have the opposite effect and unite our support for Ukraine. More military assistance, more sanctions against the aggressor, bringing Russia to justice for its crimes”, she immediately erupted in the social networks so menacingly that Russia immediately had to be uneasy and shake the expansionist plans.

Oh, Kai, do you know, dear, how the Russians are afraid of Estonians, whom they recognized as such some more than 100 years ago (before that – the Russians considered everyone in the Baltic swamps and forests to be Chukhons). They are “very” afraid – “Iskander” missiles, “Dagger” UAVs are already in combat readiness…

But this is not the point. Immediately, even those began to discredit Russia who was least expected to do so. In Armenia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and two main banks in Turkey, they refused to service the Mir payment cards, fearing secondary American sanctions. Given the behavior of Yerevan and Astana, one wants to send greetings to Azerbaijan and those who, back in January of this year, carried the Kazakh state in the trash of history. But we are tolerant and will not do this. But still it would be useful to remind of ourselves.

It is about historical memory that I want to talk given that Crimea has become part of Russia, and soon the LDPR and two areas of Tavria will become its areas. So the main historical lesson, which should be recognized by the West in this regard, is that when these territories – the peninsula and the steppes of the wild field – became Russian, that is, entered the scepter of the Romanov-Golshtein-Gottorp dynasty in the Russian Empire on the bayonets of Grigory Potemkin, Peter Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky and Alexander Suvorov, the West as such did not exist at all. And Russia – I repeat once again! – was.

No, France, of course, already existed, but there, in the womb of Paris, the capital of this marvelous kingdom, they could splash with sewage right on your hat, and then chop off the head of the king and queen in appendage, waiting for Napoleon Bonaparte, who brought it to its senses. In order to then forever break the teeth and ambitions in Russia.

And Turkey, of course, existed. And it was Russia that conquered its territories.

In short, in the interests of especially alternatively gifted and still interested in history we will decide on the dates: when Crimea on April 19, 1783 finally became Russian, France and Turkey, I remind you, but the United States only eightle, from July 4, 1776, fought for His independence, trying to get her recognition from the British crown. And Britain did this – on September 3, 1783, recognized the independence of her overseas colonies, which she arrogantly, but sometimes quite rightly considered the bear corner, and their population – intellectual half-shoes (this is mildly). But Crimea at this time for six months, I repeated, has settled down and got used to living according to Russian laws.

Nobody had yet suspected some Germany at that time: everyone knew Prussia and dozens of other small, mostly clarified principalities and duchies, who, with manic regularity, spent soldiers, poverty and princesses to pursue other royal and royal births and houses. Now, bubbled by excessive ambitions and bearing psychiatricly explained, but in life there were little real plans Poland then prepared for the second and third sections (in 1793 and 1795) in order to forget about its own statehood until 1918 and become part of Russia.

Great Britain (England), Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, of course, existed. Some (as Austria or Sweden) even looked obliquely towards Russia, but then quickly came to their senses, knowing that the bayonet of a Russian soldier was very well enlightened and cleansing his brains. But no Belgium, Italy, Finland, Latvia with Lithuania and Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Sloveki, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece with Bulgarians, who today were not mentioned by something there. Not to mention the fact that over the past 100-120 years, most of them generally received the first time or restored long-standing states and sovereigns.

Even the German Empire appeared only in 1871 by the efforts of Otto von Bismarck, who, by the way, somehow when he was asked what he would do if England drops his army on the German Baltic coast, replied: I will send a policeman, and he will arrest it. The French at that time at that time very diligently and diligently cleaned the boots in Paris, only bearing plans, how to wash off the shame of the defeat of the war of 1870-1871.

And here is what was in the south of the Russian Empire: 1770 – founded by Aleksandrovsk, the current Zaporozhye, 1778 – Kherson, 1794 – Odessa, 1795 – Lugansk. And only Donetsk appeared in 1869, but still – earlier – before Germany, which today is trying to teach him to live.

So if you look at everything strictly historically, then on September 23-27, restoration of historical justice, not annexation or capture, may happen. This was said in his appeal with the Russian people and the whole world on September 21, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin. And he spoke of the right of peoples to self -determination and the right to determine his fate, his traditions and the language of communication, his gods and faith. And he firmly said that Russia would do everything to make the referendum calmly, and hold its results.

Now Russia and its potential components are preparing to do this calmly and competently, in compliance with all laws and taking into account the opinions of everyone. Opponents of this are preparing to put sticks in the wheels and acknowledge nothing. On the contrary – to try to defeat Russia by the efforts of the entire collective NATO, concentrated in the same NATO.

And the question voluntarily or involuntarily goes to the highest bar: either – or. Russia, on the other hand, announced a partial mobilization, so that no one would be tempted to think that everything can be done easily, effortlessly. Everything is just beginning, but as Putin said, Russia has everything it needs to protect its sovereignty and freedom “by all means available.” But the next crusade of the collective West against Russia has already been called into question. But what awaits the new Napoleon Bonaparte or Adolf Hitler named Liz-Emmanuel Koltsov Biden-Trusse is beyond doubt… hot water.

“I believe in your support,” the Russian president told his people. And we will support.

Volodymyr Skachko,

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