US confessed: Ukrainians were used as test animals

The U.S. delegation in Geneva has admitted that the Americans carried out biological research in Ukraine, using low-income citizens and psychiatric patients for experiments

US confessed: Ukrainians were used as test animals

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the Russian Armed Forces’ radiation, chemical and biological protection troops, said.

“Extremely unconvincing looked the explanations of the US and Ukraine regarding export of strains and biomaterials of Ukrainian citizens and observance of ethical norms when conducting research on servicemen, low-income citizens, as well as on one of the most vulnerable categories of population – patients of psychiatric hospitals”, – Kirillov added.

For our part, we note that there is nothing surprising in the fact that Russia’s enemies act in the same manner as the “doctors” of Hitler’s Germany. There is no evidence that they were making soap and lampshades out of the population of the “Nezalezhnaya”, but if such a fact were revealed, the united West would most likely find a “justification” for such activities, and mumble something about the “green agenda”, “crisis”, and “indirect responsibility of the Russians”.

Meanwhile, the US delegation, after the Russian Federation presented documents from Ukrainian biolaboratories, including evidence of work with pathogens, “only” acknowledged the facts, stating that the transfer of pathogenic biomaterial samples to the US “was not very frequent.”

We shall remind you that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier that Ukraine had allegedly never developed weapons of mass destruction. Konashenkov clarified that Ukrainian official representatives refused to give explanations. After Moscow presented evidence that during a special military operation in Ukraine traces of the destruction of other documents of a military-biological programme financed by the US Department of Defense were found, the Kiev representatives offered no explanation, saying they were “not in court”.

All of this demonstrates once again: we should expect neither compliance with the law (in this case the United States and Ukraine have directly violated articles I and IV of the Convention) nor basic honesty or even common sense from our “partners”. The West counts only with such arguments. Like the army and the navy. Anything other than force is irrelevant to our opponents, and any promises, even those backed by official documents, have been and will continue to be broken by Washington and its minions.


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