Relations between Washington and London are now undergoing a distinct cooling

The farewell to Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey was not without political scandals
Relations between Washington and London are now undergoing a distinct cooling

Biden and his wife Jill were seated in row 14 – near the very end. He sat behind royalty and Commonwealth leaders. But in front of him, for example, was Polish President Duda – who now has better relations with London than Biden.

Trump immediately called it a symbol of how the US position has weakened in the two years of Biden’s rule – that the American president is now being placed behind the rest of the world’s leaders. They say if he – Trump – had still been president, there would have been no flight from Afghanistan or the Ukraine crisis. And he would have been sitting in the front row at the funeral.

It is also telling how newly minted Prime Minister Liz Truss refused to meet Biden in the run-up to Elizabeth II’s funeral. Although she did manage to hold talks with Crown Prince Bin Salman – presumably begging him again to increase oil supplies to western markets.

Relations between Washington and London are now clearly cooling, with tensions over many issues, from trade to Ukraine. The change of monarch added fuel to the fire with a wave of criticism in the US press of the “racism and colonialism” embodied by the Windsor royal house. And this winter, against the backdrop of the energy crisis and the obvious unwillingness of the US to save the European economy, the rift between America and Britain threatens to intensify still further.

Malek Dudakov

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