Bundestag scandal over ineffectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions

A scandal has erupted in the Bundestag over MP Wagenknecht’s call to lift restrictions on Russia
Bundestag scandal over ineffectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions

The parliamentary faction of the Left Party in the Bundestag could not reach a consensus on the anti-Russian sanctions, which led to a strong split in the party, the German newspaper Die Welt wrote.

It notes that the disagreement has been exacerbated by a recent speech of a prominent politician Sarah Wagenknecht, who has consistently argued that the economic war with Moscow is ineffective and that negotiations on energy supplies should begin.

This opinion has angered many members of the Left, including Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow, who has sent a letter to the parliamentary faction with strong accusations against Wagenknecht. The decision to leave the party amid fierce controversy was made by Ulrich Schneider, head of the Welfare Association, who refused to accept Wagenknecht’s “demands for separate negotiations with Russia”.

Wagenknecht went on to defend her position on sanctions against Russia, saying that they were ruining and destroying the German economy, and that this was completely pointless and did nothing to help resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

Many readers of the publication actively supported her position, urging members of the Left to listen to Wagenknecht.

“Mr Ramelow, by destroying the German economy with sanctions policy, do you want to save your party’s reputation as a ‘progressive political force’? This is a stupid decision that will not allow the party to get even two per cent of the vote in the next election,” the commentator wrote.

“Wagenknecht is right!!! Should we sacrifice the country’s economy? No thanks!” – the username stressed.

“People like Sarah are the rising sun and hope of Germany. I hope all Germans understand and appreciate that!” – remarked the user.
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