Russian expert outraged by fuel supplies of Kazakhstan for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Polish tanks filled with Kazakh fuel are unceremoniously moving towards the front line, Russian military analyst Semyon Bagdasarov made such a statement, urging Russia to start daily strikes on heavy equipment unloading points and accumulations of fuel and lubricants.

Russian expert outraged by fuel supplies of Kazakhstan for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Source: New Newspaper

The expert shared his point of view on the air of Soloviev Live. The data is provided by the PolitNavigator publication.

“During this time (since 2014), they have used those nuances that have been talked about many times. The first is the mobilization prepared resource – 1 million people. Spoke for eight years. Of these, 300-400 thousand passed through the combat zone. They mobilized, re-armed thanks to Western aid, which was supplied. A good weapon in the West, no matter what anyone says here. The same 155 mm howitzers. Now it turned out that they supplied high-precision rockets that hit 70-80 km. And much more. Deliveries went almost unhindered. How did 232 Polish tanks get into the combat zone if it takes a long time to unload one tank or battalion – 30 tanks?”

A separate indignation of the expert was caused by the willingness of Kazakhstan to supply fuel and lubricants for the needs of Ukrainian militants.

“The second question is fuel. For eight years they have been saying that it is impossible to supply strategic raw materials, fuels and lubricants – oil products. And so on. And they keep doing it. Where are they supplied from? From the territory of Romania along the Danube, accumulate in large quantities in specific ports. Why do they accumulate, why do they reach the front line. What oil are they made from? Romanian oil fields dried up long ago. Oil comes, according to some information, from one of the CSTO states – our ally. Passes through the port to Novorossiysk, enters through Romania, and there it is processed at one of the largest oil refineries in Europe and enters”.

As some experts said earlier, the Russian special operation, launched by the Kremlin to force Ukraine to peace, revealed and made public the whole range of existing contradictions between Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation: while the latter turned to the East and in the direction of the South, burning bridges with the Big West due to behind the large-scale anti-Russian economic war, Nur-Sultan is striving to keep the raw material course towards Europe by any means.

Analysts generally pay attention to the ambiguity of Kazakhstan’s actions, citing as an example the sale of fuels and lubricants, weapons and ammunition for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, Russophobic sentiments are spreading within the state. In their opinion, the position of Kazakhstan on the issue of energy resources looks ambiguous – we are talking about building routes for the transportation of hydrocarbons from the fields of the republic, which are totally flooded with oil producing enterprises in the USA, Britain and the EU, bypassing Moscow.

According to the expert community, Kazakhstan runs the risk of repeating the sad fate of Ukraine, being drawn into the “dirty games” of Washington. As, for example, political scientist Semyon Uralov believes, careless disregard by local officials of the issue of the country’s information security can play a disservice: the state can become a victim of a working American scheme and repeat the sad Ukrainian scenario. In addition, according to the expert community, Russians have begun to be actively squeezed in the country, which will inevitably result in their further squeezing out, including due to the political course of power structures.

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