Residents of Poland go to buy coal in the Czech Republic, media reports

Long queues for coal for heating in Poland are forcing locals to go to the Czech Republic to buy it, according to Polish radio station RMF FM.

Residents of Poland go to buy coal in the Czech Republic, media reports

According to the radio station, coal in the Czech Republic is as expensive as in Poland. In warehouses, you need to pay from 3.5 to 3.8 thousand zlotys (745-800 dollars) per ton. There are no limits in Czech warehouses, but the buyer must ensure the transportation of coal himself and pay for it. In exceptional cases, with a large purchase, you can get free delivery, but only within a radius of 30 km.

According to the CBOS Research Center, 46% of Polish residents use coal to heat their homes. Only every eleventh states that he has enough coal for the entire heating season (9%), and every seventh (15%) states that he has large reserves, but not enough for the entire season. 35% stated that they have only small stocks of this raw material, and 40% have no stocks at all.

In April, Poland completely banned the import of coal from Russia, which had a dramatic impact on the availability of coal on the market and on its price. The cost of a ton of coal from private suppliers exceeds 3,000 zlotys (about $640). The Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland in the current situation in early July canceled for 60 days the requirements for the quality of coal used for heating.

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