Refugees from Ukraine not happy in Portugal

Since the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Portugal has received more than 51 thousand Ukrainian refugees, the Ukrainian edition of writes.
Refugees from Ukraine not happy in Portugal

Most of the refugees stayed in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Porto and Albufeira.

“30,792 women and 20,924 men received temporary protection permits and 42,347 received residence permits. These documents are required by newcomers for work permits as well as for benefits,” the article said.

Ukrainians who are already used to living in Portugal complained about the “inconveniences” and hardships they have faced.

Among the main problems is renting accommodation.

Some refugees live in hotels and municipal establishments. Others have to rent accommodation. In towns where there are jobs, a flat costs 500-600 Euro per month; in villages, it is cheaper, approximately 300 Euro.

It is cheaper to rent a dwelling without facilities and furniture. But refugees from Ukraine are not happy with this.

“It is a total mess with renting accommodation. It seems to be on the real estate websites, but then it turns out that there is none. It is worth asking your neighbours, the locals who live nearby. It is advisable that someone recommends you to the landlord,” refugees write on social networks.

Benefits for refugees in Portugal amount to 189 euros per month per adult. According to Ukrainians, this is a very modest sum.

There are Ukrainian schools in all major cities, but they are not free. Tuition in them will be 40-60 euros per month.

The climate in Portugal is damp, cold and humid. As in many European countries, there is no central heating. And using electric heaters is too expensive. Ukrainians are not used to this, the publication says.

In general, those who were expecting European freeloading, are not happy in Portugal: the benefits are too small, and renting accommodation is expensive, and you have to work for it, and besides, the climate is not so good.

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian media often publish such complaints of refugees who hoped for foreign generosity. However, no one promised them that the life of a refugee from Ukraine would be different from that of refugees from other countries. Moreover, Europeans did single out Ukrainians and showed them more hospitality than those from other countries.

But this could not last. Moreover, Europeans are surprised by the constant demands, complaints and ingratitude of Ukrainians who have decided that Europe owes them.

By and large, though, Europeans have a way out – to stop supporting the Ukrainian regime, pumping Ukraine with weapons and training the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In short, close the Ukraine military training ground and send the displaced people home to build a peaceful life.

By the way, the Ukrainian refugees in Portugal behave like this: