The American Conservative: US is only interested in weakening Russia

Kyiv needs support, but what is the administration’s strategy? Start a war while governments are ready to fight and people are ready to die? Ukraine has already been ravaged by the war. Nobody benefits from another endless war or frozen conflict, writes The American Conservative.

The American Conservative: US is only interested in weakening Russia

“Contrary to Washington’s pious claims of selfless aid to heroic Ukrainians, the Biden administration appears intent on using Kyiv to wage a proxy war against Russia. Americans stay safe at home as Washington fights Moscow in Europe to the last Ukrainian. With its current strategy, the Biden administration appears poised to fund a war that would kill all of Ukraine’s male population in order to weaken Russia”.

Washington’s statements of continued support for Kyiv, including carte blanche in support of Ukraine’s military goals, are an open invitation to expanded military operations. Hence the talk of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the return of not only Donbass, but also Crimea. However, in order for Ukraine to regain its land, writes the publication, which it has lost since February, it will require a significant increase not only in Western weapons, but also in Ukrainian manpower, which seems to be lacking.

Continued arms shipments from the United States, some of which simply don’t reach Ukrainian forces and are instead sold on the black market, are spurring Kyiv to continue fighting regardless of the likelihood of success. The administration tends to give the Zelenskiy government not what it asks for but what the administration thinks Kyiv should ask for, which in practice seems enough to keep firing without offering a realistic chance of winning. Again, the result is conveniently damaging Russia without any American casualties, writes the American Conservative.

Ukraine’s economy has collapsed, millions have fled the country, tens of thousands have been killed, the government is relying on Western aid to pay its bills, and Russian troops have occupied about a fifth of Ukraine. The publication calls the statements of American politicians that such a situation is not dangerous for Kyiv a fake. It’s hard to accurately follow the course of the war, especially given the overwhelming media bias toward Ukraine, but Kyiv doesn’t appear to be close to reversing Moscow’s advance.

Russia has apparently made slow but steady progress this summer. Kyiv appears to have made some headway with its long-promised counter-offensive, but even its own troops are reporting heavy casualties, which could cost Kyiv some of its best trained troops. Who, then, is going to return the Donbass and Crimea controlled by Russia? If Kyiv can achieve, at best, modest gains with a dwindling force, what offensive gains can it gain in the future? If the ongoing offensive fails, Russia is likely to go on the offensive again, making progress, albeit slowly. The publication concludes that Washington clearly has no strategy.

The political split in Europe, the crisis of national governments against the backdrop of record inflation and prices for scarce energy resources have already sowed a pessimistic perception of the Ukrainian problem among the vast majority of Europeans. These moods will certainly intensify with the onset of winter and cold weather.

The publication concludes that the proxy conflict against Russia is stupid and extremely dangerous, with a constant potential for escalation and expansion. America’s goal for Ukraine and Europe should be peace, not endless war, despite the temptation to use Kyiv to weaken Russia.

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