Foreign Policy: US no longer the only global power

Foreign Policy reports on a new global configuration of power in the world, when the United States can no longer make decisions without taking into account the largest actors – Russia, India and China.

Foreign Policy: US no longer the only global power

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the United States to maintain Western unity in the face of growing difficulties caused by the economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, including Western sanctions and the withdrawal of Russian energy resources, writes Foreign Policy.

The new American reality, according to the publication, is that while the collective West condemned and sanctioned Russia and supported Ukraine, almost the entire “global south” refused to side with the United States. India, being this American partner, has not criticized or sanctioned Russia, but has increased its imports of Russian oil since the conflict began. China also did not support or condemn the Russian operation in Ukraine, but supported Russia’s claims that its launch was provoked by NATO threats to its security.

Many other countries in the global south, writes the FT, see Russia as a big strong country with which they can trade profitably and accuse the United States of hypocrisy, recalling Washington’s wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The publication concludes that the United States will have to take into account this large non-aligned group of countries in choosing its future actions, as it did during the Cold War. The failure of the US campaign to discredit Russia at the UN, when the last time most of the countries of the world refused to condemn the Russian special operation, is a vivid example of this.

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