British mercenary tells CNN about the superior power of the Russian army

The CNN TV channel interviewed the British Mark Ayres, who is in the Odessa hospital after being wounded, who participated in the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev region. A foreign mercenary said that in the current conditions, Ukraine cannot even come close to Russia in terms of firepower.

British mercenary tells CNN about the superior power of the Russian army

The Briton said that at the end of August he participated in the failed counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson in the ranks of the intelligence unit of the so-called “International Legion”, consisting of foreign mercenaries. The Briton said that on the second day he received a shrapnel wound in his left leg and was evacuated to Odessa. Aires called the battles in the Nikolaevsky steppes “heavy, intense, positional”, while noting the superiority of the armed forces of Russia.

“The offensive will not be fast; this is a hard, slow battle, meter by meter, position by position, because we do not have the resources to carry out a massive blitzkrieg with a mass of artillery and armored vehicles. <…> They [the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation] are just constantly shelling us with artillery, their artillery and armor are superior to ours”, he said.

He added that American HIMARS, howitzers and anti-tank systems help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the volume of their deliveries is so insignificant that Ukraine is unlikely to be able to match Russia in firepower.

Earlier, the American edition of the Washington Post (WP) published an article in which soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were wounded during an attempted counteroffensive in the Kherson region, complain about catastrophic losses, a shortage of shells and a sharp lag behind the Russian army in terms of technology.

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