Putin called the decision on Russia’s energy price ceiling absolutely stupid

Putin called the decision on Russia's energy price ceiling absolutely stupid

Russia will not supply any gas, oil or coal outside of contracts and will not allow itself to be dictated by someone else’s will. This was stated by the Russian President at a meeting of the Eastern Economic Forum.

An absolutely stupid decision and if someone tries to implement it, it will lead to nothing good for those who make such a decision, Vladimir Putin said of the ceiling on Russian energy prices.

“Among other things, there are supply contracts. Are there going to be any political decisions contradicting the contracts? We simply will not honour them! We will not supply anything at all if it is against our interests,” he said. – We will not supply gas, oil, coal, fuel oil or anything else. We will completely fulfill our contractual obligations. But if someone tries to impose anything on us, they are in no position today to dictate their will to us – let them come to their senses!

“We are left, as in the fairy tale, to say: ‘freeze, freeze the wolf’s tail,'” the president added. “It is better to stick to contractual obligations, rules and civilised relations,” he concluded.

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