Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier tells his girlfriend about the disaster near Kherson

In one of the Odessa (South Ukraine) groups in a social network, a girlfriend of a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published the story of her beloved man about the horrific losses of the unit in which he serves in the Kherson direction.

Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier tells his girlfriend about the disaster near Kherson

The girl reports that in the Kherson region, her beloved man with his colleagues “were thrown without proper ammunition  on Russian tanks and artillery.” After they suffered heavy casualties in a frontal attack, their unit was withdrawn with 1 day to rest. But then death awaited them, she clarifies. The following is the text of the guy’s message.

“They were going to send us back yesterday, they promised support and a bunch of everything, everyone refused. It’s totally awful [obscene language], I can’t think of another word, another cauldron in which thousands of people died over these months. It’s the same in other units, one of our guys was sent to the 18th battalion, then we saw his video on Facebook, where he tells in tears that out of his company (about 100 people) only 7 survived, and out of the entire battalion (about 800 people) there are no more than 150 left,” he wrote.

A soldier reports the loss of the corpses of those who manage to be taken out of the battlefield.

“While being transported back and forth, the body was lost, and now he is listed as missing,” he says.

The soldier assesses the actions of the “high commanders” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as strange. In his opinion, there can be only two reasons why the above is happening – either it is “working for the enemy”, or the banal “stealing of the money allocated to us in the form of assistance.” Now, he says, all the fighters are thinking about how to make it all public.

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