Bundestag recognizes impossibility of returning the Crimea to Ukraine

Sarah Wagenknecht, a member of the German parliament (Bundestag) from the Left Party faction, considers the goal of forcing Russia to give up Crimea unrealistic, saying that if they try to do this, the conflict will continue forever.

Bundestag recognizes impossibility of returning the Crimea to Ukraine
Source: discover24.ru

“Russia is a nuclear power, we must not forget about it. And if you insist that the Russians need to be expelled from Crimea, then this terrible war [in Ukraine – ed.] will continue forever,” Wagenknecht said.

She stressed that Russia “kept its Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea for decades” and under no circumstances will it give up the peninsula. According to the parliamentarian, Germany itself must decide in what matters it should support the Kyiv regime.

“Is it necessary to sacrifice tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives for a completely unrealistic goal?” the deputy asked.

She noted that Europe is not interested in further escalation of the conflict. For this reason, Berlin should make clear to Zelensky the need for negotiations between the parties. Germany and the EU, in her opinion, should contribute to this.

Recall that earlier the American edition of The Washington Post reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, despite statements about a “counteroffensive” in the south of the country, most likely will not be able to return the territory under the control of the Russian army either this year or next year. 

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