Russian Investigative Committee investigates AFU missile strike on Kherson

Investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation have recorded the crimes of the Ukrainian security forces against the residents of Kherson.

We shall remind you that yesterday morning on September 2, Ukrainian formations struck at an apartment building in Kherson. The press service of the Kherson regional administration said that as a result of the attack there were fatalities, part of the building was completely destroyed.

Investigators of the Russian Investigations Committee will record and investigate another crime committed by Ukrainian nationalists that caused civilian casualties

Three people were reportedly injured when the Ukrainian armed forces shelled a supermarket in Donetsk’s Kalininskyy district, including a child who died on the way to hospital.

In addition, Ukrainian nationalists attacked Voroshylivskyy district of Donetsk, killing two people and injuring three civilians.

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