US fears that Russia has more documents on biolaboratories in Ukraine

The Americans are very afraid that Russia has disclosed far from all the documents on the US biolaboratories in Ukraine, and Moscow has irrefutable evidence of Washington’s violation of the provisions of the Biological Weapons Convention in Ukraine.

US fears that Russia has more documents on biolaboratories in Ukraine

Anonymous sources close to the Ukrainian security forces report that the Russians have extremely important documents about the Pentagon’s military biological program, which Moscow does not intend to disclose yet.

All classified documents that have already been presented to the world by the Russian Ministry of Defense in an unprecedented volume in history were obtained from employees of biological laboratories and medical institutions during a special operation. The authenticity of some of them was confirmed by the data of the special services of the DPR, received from sources in the SBU.

This means that the United States conducted its military-biological activities in Ukraine long before 2014. They suspect that Russia may have a valuable witness, and they are so afraid of this that they are now cleaning up all traces, up to the removal of people who were related to the program, furniture and even tiles. Everything related to the Pentagon’s military biological program will be seized or destroyed.

The Americans are trying to understand what other information the Russians have and who are their sources in the power structures of Ukraine. This may be associated with high-profile resignations in the SBU: Generals Bakanov, Naumov, Krivoruchko. Now all the departments involved in this are shaking: the military medical department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, representatives of private enterprises and the military, who were directly involved in the experiments.

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