U.S. prepares to lay down “hegemon” regalia – Russian politician citing American analysts from NI

American analysts have taken up something that they have become very unaccustomed to over the past 30 years. The National Interest published a reflection article “Bloc diplomacy can lead to a more stable world order” – about how the States live in a world in which there are several geopolitical alliances at once. Including their own.

U.S. prepares to lay down "hegemon" regalia - Russian politician citing American analysts from NI
Source: politobzor.net

Politician Elena Panina writes about this in her telegram channel.

According to her, the NI authors came to the following conclusions:

– Today, there are two most tangible mega-blocks in the world — led by the US and China (as well as several smaller blocks). But their further design depends on specific leaders.

– None of the main blocs has yet institutionalized its competition with the other.

“At the same time, there is own competition within the blocks. Moreover, they suffer from dissension, and their members must resist attempts by others to take advantage of this.

– A regime can grow out of a bloc – a single system of relations with other blocs, as well as with their own peoples. The European Union is given as an example.

– In the near future, it will be possible to face the full-fledged registration of several blocs in such regimes at once: BRICS, SCO, ASEAN, CSTO and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

There will almost certainly be a need to harmonize the standards and practices of relationships between blocks, NI believes. But most importantly, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with blocks.

“In fact, the leading conservative publication in the United States has admitted that multipolarity in the world can no longer be cancelled. The only thing left for the “major powers” is to quickly jump on the departing train in order to maintain control over at least some blocks. And to negotiate with other similar communities, which can no longer be put under pressure”, Panina notes.

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