Russia, China and Iran unite against the US – Axios

Journalist Dave Lawler, in an article in Axios, said that America’s biggest adversaries are increasingly uniting around Russia to harm US goals.

Russia, China and Iran unite against the US - Axios

The material quotes the publication “Politrossiya”.

According to the analyst, China and Iran are among the most serious opponents of the United States, and these countries are moving closer to Russia.

“The Russian and Chinese military began a major exercise in the Far East of the Russian Federation this week. In addition, the level of cooperation between Russia and Iran, which is also under US sanctions, is also growing, he added”, the expert notes.

In his opinion, China, Iran and Russia are united by the fact that all three states have very difficult relations with the United States. And against this background, they approach each other in order to confront a common enemy together. That is, specific interests and a mutual desire to challenge Washington unite these countries, the observer concluded.

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