Germany flatly refused to pay reparations to Poland

The German Foreign Ministry said that the issue of reparations to Poland for WW2 is closed to the FRG – Poland itself refused them, which it has officially confirmed more than once.

Germany flatly refused to pay reparations to Poland

“The position of the German government is unchanged: the issue of reparations is closed. Poland refused further reparations a long time ago, in 1953, and since then has repeatedly confirmed this”, said the representative of the German Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the Polish authorities decided to formally demand war reparations from Germany for the destruction and casualties incurred during the Second World War. They estimate their losses caused by Germany at 6.2 trillion złoty ($1.3 trillion). This was announced yesterday, September 1, by the head of the ruling party of the republic “Law and Justice” Yaroslav Kachinsky.

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