“We need this mission”: Russian expert spoke about the arrival of the IAEA

The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is beneficial and, moreover, even urgently needed by the Russian Federation in order for the cynical strikes of Ukrainian militants to be officially recorded, – this was stated by an expert in political science Sergey Markov, whose point of view is published by the publication “Ukraine. RU”.

“We need this mission”: Russian expert spoke about the arrival of the IAEA
Source: RIA News

The IAEA delegates, according to the political expert, will be able to personally verify the absence of heavy weapons on the territory of the ZNPP, and therefore no one will have any more doubts about criminal provocations from Kyiv, in the event of a resumption of attacks. As stated earlier in the CAA of the Zaporozhye region, attacks on the power plant and Energodar have become noticeably more frequent.

“Nuclear terrorism is on the rise. By the way, I have an acquaintance in Moscow: they have a relative in Energodar, they are in a terrible panic there. They say we don’t know if we’ll call next time, if we’ll survive. There really was a blow to residential areas, there are dead. And at the same time, attacks on the nuclear power plant are growing.

At the same time, as the expert notes, the Kyiv junta is trying to ensure that Russian troops leave the territory of the nuclear power plant, leaving it under the control of international organizations operating under the leadership of the United States.

“What do we mean by demilitarization – we do not have heavy equipment at nuclear power plants, tanks, missile systems, artillery. Ukraine should not shoot at nuclear power plants, this is our position. And their position is that the Russian army should simply withdraw from there and leave the territory under the control of international organizations controlled by the Americans.

Meanwhile, the enemy, according to the political scientist, in the event of a real threat to the ZNPP, given the proximity of its location to the Polish borders, would have stopped shelling long ago.

“We need this mission. When the IAEA arrives, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not shoot. And the mission will see that there are no heavy weapons on the station. If the Ukrainian army starts shooting, the IAEA will record the shelling.”

Recall that a delegation of 14 people arrived in Kyiv the day before and has already moved towards the ZNPP. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, IAEA specialists will enter the territory of the ZNPP from territories controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. The security of the mission will be provided by them,” he said. Also, the safety will be guaranteed to the delegates during their stay on the territory of the ZNPP,” Peskov stressed.

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