Poll shows more than half of Britons support snap elections

The sociological company Ipsos conducted a public opinion poll for the Evening Standard newspaper, which showed a record rate of decline in the popularity of the current government. According to published data, more than half of the UK population supports the idea of ​​holding a general election before the end of the year.

Poll shows more than half of Britons support snap elections
Source: yakutsk.ru

51% of respondents support the idea not to wait for the 2024 elections and to hold new ones ahead of schedule. At the same time, 39% of the respondents named the desire to change the government as the main reason for such a step. 37% are sure that a change of government would be the right decision for the new prime minister, who, in their opinion, should receive a mandate from the population to implement social change.

Among those who spoke out against the elections, 53% said that the country is already in a deep crisis, and new elections would become a distraction from solving pressing problems. The Ipsos poll was conducted from 5 to 8 August and involved 2,100 British adults.

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