U.S. is nervous about the rapprochement between Russia and Iran – The WSJ

The obvious rapprochement between Russia and Iran, including military cooperation, the establishment and strengthening of trade and economic ties, notably unnerves Washington, the observers of The Wall Street Journal came to this conclusion, noting that in the context of the ongoing special operation, the situation is alarming the United States more and more. The information is published by the publication “FAN”.

U.S. is nervous about the rapprochement between Russia and Iran - The WSJ
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The tight six-month mutually beneficial cooperation between Moscow and Tehran, designed to maximally neutralize the consequences of Western sanctions “attempts”, is causing increasing tension in the high Washington offices.

“International isolation is pushing America’s two staunch adversaries to expand trade and military cooperation, which is worrisome in Washington,” the WSJ writes.

At the same time, as the author of the publication notes, the West, no matter how hard it tried, failed to isolate Russia on the world market, since both China and India are extremely interested in trade and economic cooperation with Moscow. In addition, representatives of only 54 out of 193 UN member states agreed to put their signatures under the statement condemning the actions of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine.

As foreign publicists emphasize, last month Tehran acted as the largest buyer of Russian grain. August was marked by the launch of the Iranian satellite by the Russian Federation, which, in turn, served as a valuable victory for Tehran’s space program. In addition, publicists remind, Moscow and Iran organized joint exercises. The unifying impetus for both states was the recent Syrian situation – today, being on the same side of the barricades, Russia and the Islamic Republic are able to resist the enemy in the face of the States and the European Union much more effectively.

“A closer alliance between Russia and Iran will help both countries soften the impact of Western sanctions, find new markets for their products and intensify military cooperation that could help Moscow in Ukraine and Tehran in the Middle East. U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan recently called developing Russian-Iranian ties a “serious threat,” WSJ observers say.

In addition, publicists recalled the recent visit to Iran by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, backing up the data with clear indicators.

“Bilateral trade between Russia and Iran has grown by 10% this year. In 2021, trade between the two countries increased by 80% to $4 billion.”

At the same time, in addition to Russia, Tehran is actively establishing economic cooperation with China – last year, the trade turnover of both countries almost reached $15 billion. According to long-term agreements for a period of a quarter of a century, Beijing intends to invest heavily in the Tehran economy.

“China is a major consumer of Russian oil, which is shunned in most of the Western world,” the WSJ emphasizes, alluding to the RF-IRI-PRC triangle, which for the States is like three silver bullets in the forehead.

As the Tehran publicist Khayal Muazzin, in turn, emphasized, the ties between Iran and the Russian Federation, which are actively gaining strength, begin to “hit” Washington significantly.

“In my opinion, the biggest blow for them would be the expansion of cooperation in the military field, and in future wars, taking measures in the field of cyber warfare would be a very important step,” the expert says.

According to Iranian political expert Erfan Lajevardi, despite some difficulties in establishing strong strategic ties, Russian-Iranian friendship holds great promise.

“In my opinion, our states have not yet reached their ultimate goal. The reason is that the authorities of both countries before the start of the special operation in Ukraine did not imagine that relations between them could become strategic in practice. Both Iran and Russia have always believed that the third factor, the West, will never allow them to reach the strategic stage. With the start of the special operation in Ukraine and large-scale sanctions against Russia, a great threat arose, which turned into an opportunity for Russian-Iranian cooperation.”

According to the expert community, the former wariness in establishing partnerships between the countries is gradually fading: against the backdrop of unprecedented disagreements between Moscow and the West, Iran and the Russian Federation have an excellent opportunity to designate strong strategic partnerships indefinitely.

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