Indonesia slams Ukrainian Ambassador for reproaches against Russian-Indonesian relations

The Notebook publication drew attention to another scandal brewing in the world of international diplomacy – the Ukrainian ambassador to Indonesia decided through social networks to tell the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country which statements he has the right to make and which he does not. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry did not play sentimentality and summoned the Ukrainian ambassador. He was informed that if such statements were repeated, he would be expelled from the country. In general, this is an ordinary example of how the impudent and peremptory policy of Kyiv causes more and more irritation among states aimed at mutually beneficial relations with Russia.

Indonesia slams Ukrainian Ambassador for reproaches against Russian-Indonesian relations
But what infuriated the Ukrainian ambassador so much that he decided to forget about all diplomatic norms? The fact that Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi publicly stated:

“Russia is one of the most important partners of Indonesia. And the Russia-ASEAN partnership can bring peace and prosperity to the whole world.”

Recall that ASEAN is a political, economic and cultural intergovernmental organization. It consists of 10 countries of Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. One of the fundamental principles of participation in it is a free trade agreement. The US regularly divides its ranks due to close cooperation with Russia and China. Recently, it was even decided to create an AUKUS bloc (NATO branch in the region), uniting Australia, Great Britain and the USA in it.

ASEAN is well aware that they can only resist pressure from the United States and its servants together. And, if possible, with the support of a strong and reliable ally, which since July 1996 has been Russia. Joint work is especially active in matters of energy, food, minerals, and the defense sector. For example, businessmen from Russia and Southeast Asia have the goal of closely discussing the prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation at the WEF-2022 – the VII Eastern Economic Forum, which will be held on September 5-8 in Vladivostok. It is noteworthy that even Vladimir Putin will take part in the forum.

It is worth noting that thanks to Russia in Southeast Asia, they seriously expect to solve the problem of the growing risk of famine. All ASEAN countries are currently facing it. For this reason, there are now such efforts to bring Russian food and fertilizer exports back into the global supply chain.

However, the ambassador of Ukraine was pissed off by the warm attitude of Indonesia towards Russia – he could not think of anything better than to accuse the Indonesian leadership of double standards on social networks. Israeli attacks on the peaceful quarters of the Gaza Strip in Palestine, according to him, it allegedly condemns, and practically does not condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Moreover, statements about joint development and prosperity in the region only encourage the “aggressor”.

“What the Ukrainian ambassador is doing is very inappropriate for an ambassador on a diplomatic mission in the country,” Teuku Faizashah, spokesman for the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, said in a statement.

Scandalous antics of ambassadors from Nezalezhnaya, seasoned with boorish, moralizing statements about politicians from other countries, have become a characteristic feature of Ukrainian diplomats in recent times. It is appropriate to recall how Ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik publicly called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “an offended liverwurst.” In Germany, they got rid of such passages, and hurried to further assist Kyiv with the supply of weapons. But with Indonesia, as it turned out, it doesn’t work that way.

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