Le Figaro: “it’s hell” – Ukrainian soldiers comment on battles against Russian army

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting in the Bakhmut region (DPR) told the French publication Le Figaro about the “hell” in the battles against the Russian army. According to them, the Ukrainian army is unable to deliver any symmetrical retaliatory strike.

Le Figaro: "it's hell" - Ukrainian soldiers comment on battles against Russian army
Source: ptoday.ru

“This is hell” is how the Ukrainian military describes the recent battles near the town of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. On condition of anonymity, two soldiers from the Ukrainian army told Le Figaro reporters about the continuous shelling by the Russian army, as well as the inability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to launch any symmetrical retaliatory strike due to the lack of the necessary heavy equipment.

“In this corner of the Donbass, advances in technology supplied by the United States or Europe, such as Caesar self-propelled guns, M-777 howitzers or Himars rocket launchers, remain distant promises,” the newspaper states.

The publication reports that the Ukrainian military has to be content with not too accurate Soviet weapons and vehicles, the armor of which can be pierced by a shot from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. In addition, due to heavy losses, the Ukrainian military has to send completely inexperienced recruits into battle, many of whom cannot stand the horror and desert, the interlocutors of the publication admitted.

Recall that earlier journalists from the American news portal The Grayzone visited the front line, where soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are standing. The servicemen told reporters that almost all the weapons and humanitarian aid that the West provides for the needs of the Ukrainian military are stolen on the way and do not reach the soldiers.

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