Russia calls urgent UN Security Council meeting on Zaporizhzhya shelling

Russia calls urgent UN Security Council meeting on Zaporizhzhya shelling

On Tuesday, August 23, at the initiative of the Russian Federation, the UN Security Council will hold an urgent meeting on the situation around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (ZNPP). It is reported that a large base of materials proving the shelling of the plant by Ukraine has been gathered.

The authorities of the liberated part of Zaporizhzhya Region earlier reported that the collection of evidence proving Ukraine’s involvement in the strikes on the Zaporizhzhya plant had been completed. All the facts have been handed over to Russia’s special representative to the UN, where they will be presented at an announced meeting of the Security Council.

The risk of a nuclear conflict has become the most probable in the last decades, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said. He stressed that the situation around the ZNPP should only be resolved through dialogue. According to him, the UN may organize a visit of the IAEA commission to the plant via Kiev.

The Russian diplomatic mission to the USA earlier reported that the ambassador had been summoned to the State Department, where the situation was also discussed. On Monday, 22 August, the station was shelled again by the Kiev regime’s militants. It was reportedly fired from US weapons. A passing civilian was killed by shrapnel wounds.

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