Media: Poles are reassured that they will have enough gas supplies

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne: we are not in danger of massive power cuts due to problems with coal supplies or high prices

Media: Poles are reassured that they will have enough gas supplies

Electricity prices in Europe are rising and breaking new records. In Poland, the price per MWh for delivery in 2023 exceeded the historical level of PLN 1,700 and was at the level of PLN 1,714.6. In addition to constant factors pushing prices up, such as the fear of cutting off gas supplies from Russia, droughts have joined in Europe, and not just on the continent.

There are no problems with power supply as a result of numerous repairs of Polish power units. On Saturday, August 20, about 22 GW of power plant capacity fell out of the system, with a total production capacity of about 53.5 GW. The operator allows power stations to limit operation or make minor repairs when demand is lower.

“The operation of the system is planned in such a way as to provide a sufficient reserve of power necessary in the event of, for example, a sudden failure of a power unit or an excess of the forecasted demand,” the operator’s press service explains.

The PSE emphasizes that, despite the losses in the existing units declared by the owners of the units and the repairs being carried out, sufficient reserve is provided and the system works stably. Which does not mean that the recent sudden failures of units are neutral for the operator.

“Any unavailability of the unit, especially a large one, negatively affects the balance sheet,” PSE representatives say.

In the absence of an adequate reserve, the operator has the resources necessary to restore it. The PSE has an interventional consumption reduction mechanism. It is a voluntary and temporary reduction or deferral of energy consumption by companies for a fee.

The Polish Institute of Economics (PIE) also claims that the region is currently not at risk of blackouts.

“The possibility of micro-outages, that is, power outages in a small area, cannot be ruled out,” emphasizes PIE in a report on this matter.

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