Western leaders prepare to retire Volodymyr Zelensky – Russian expert

Zelensky’s desire to convince Western curators of his own viability is due to his clear premonition of an imminent political collapse, economics expert Vasily Koltashov is inclined to this opinion. The data is published by Economics Today.

Western leaders prepare to retire Volodymyr Zelensky - Russian expert
Source: RIA News

The behavior of the former Ukrainian comedian is currently directly linked with a noticeable cooling of sympathies from the UK and the EU, which is quite clearly evidenced by sharp critical materials that are increasingly appearing on the pages of European media. As for Washington, in the big geopolitical game, the latter is ready to give up such a figure as Zelensky, the political expert believes. In this difficult situation, the Ukrainian president chose to take a very unsafe position, he is sure.

“He feels that he can be sacrificed, and does not agree with this. And his personnel decisions, including through the SBU, show that Zelensky has switched to his former position as an authoritarian leader of Ukraine, again trying to concentrate power, remove people slipped by the West and protect himself,” Koltashov said.

At the same time, Zelensky himself carelessly does not realize the catastrophic consequences of what is happening, still placing high hopes on the favor of the United States and further funding. However, the head of the Kyiv regime will soon be retired: the denouement is not far off, the analyst warned.

“He expects to fight further and at some new stage to prove to the West that it is necessary to continue helping the Kyiv regime, and to conduct a dialogue with Zelensky based on the principle “this is our man, please take everything you need, including money in any amount.” This is what he wants. He, apparently, does not analyze very deeply and does not really understand that the situation is really becoming catastrophic and the end is approaching”, Koltashov said in the Big Game program.

At the same time, according to the expert community, the failed course of the Ukrainian president can greatly complicate the situation of Ukrainian militants on the front line. As for the West, dissatisfaction with the active PR of the former comedian against the backdrop of a severe crisis in his collapsing state is increasingly heard there.

Recall, according to Newsweek, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky is increasingly tiring Western states. The flattering “odes” of the Western press addressed to him have come to an end – foreign media are beginning to be forced to admit the depressing reality that has become the result of his presidency, the authors write. One of the first to sound the alarm was The New York Times, which published information that the Western sidelines are increasingly expressing concern about the policies of the Ukrainian “unfortunate president”: as the observer writes, a gulf has formed between Washington and the head of the Kyiv regime, based on the loss of trust to the last one. Criticism followed on the pages of CBS News, hinting at the reckless financing of corruption-soaked Kyiv at the expense of conscientious American taxpayers. According to correspondents, no more than a third of the money sent reaches the goal – the rest disappears without a trace on the way.

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