The American Conservative: Ukrainian crisis is drawing the West into a trap

The American magazine The American Conservative reports on the failure of the policy of the United States and European Union countries regarding the conflict in Ukraine. Kyiv’s demands are increasingly running counter to the interests of Western states, which creates an unfavorable configuration of forces for the US and Europe and increases the risk of a major war.

The American Conservative: Ukrainian crisis is drawing the West into a trap

In recent months, Russian forces have been slowly but surely advancing in the Donbas, occupying a fifth of Ukrainian territory, the newspaper writes. Ukraine and its allies are threatening a counteroffensive against Russia’s supposedly exhausted army. Many conflicting statements were made, but the situation today is not in favor of Kyiv, the magazine concludes.

“Ukraine treated information as an independent battlefield. Little of what is said in public can be relied upon uncritically. Fake stories of heroism and unconfirmed reports of Russian casualties were one of Kyiv’s most important strategies. This is not surprising, but it is very important that American politicians base their decisions on reality, and not on topics raised by Kyiv”, the material says.

The publication suggests that the agreement between Washington and European capitals is that Kyiv will decide how long to fight and for what purpose, and that everything that Kyiv considers necessary will be provided by the US and Europe. But Washington’s responsibility is to pursue policies in the interests of the American people. Washington should not pass these decisions on to another government, but, unfortunately, it does this often, the author of the material believes.

Washington cannot afford to make such a mistake in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Any US assistance, according to the publication, must be consistent with American interests, which means that US policymakers must decide whether it is in the national interest to support Ukraine’s goals and strategy.

For example, at the beginning of the conflict, Zelensky called on the United States to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. This would be tantamount to a declaration of war. He recently called on the US to declare Russia a terrorist state, even though Moscow does not commit terrorism, the author believes.

The publication emphasizes that Washington must determine the extent of its support and its ultimate goals. Kyiv is free to set any goals, but America and Europe are not obliged to support them – it is not in the interests of the West to wage an endless indirect war to preserve every inch of Ukrainian territory. Sympathy for Ukraine should not blind the eyes of the United States and others to the real threats of further development of the conflict.

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