Donbass has already become part of Russia – State Duma

The liberated territories of Donbass have already become part of the Russian Federation, – this was stated by State Duma deputy, head of the Union of Donbass Volunteers Alexander Borodai, who stressed that the presence of specialists from the Russian Federation is very strongly felt in the region.

Donbass has already become part of Russia - State Duma
Source: RIA News

In addition, according to the politician’s forecasts, the complete liberation of the Donetsk People’s Republic from Ukrainian nationalists should be expected as early as next month.

“Donbass is already part of Russia. Russian statesmen regularly visit Donbass. Some of them already work here on a permanent basis.”

Also, according to Borodai, it has already been possible to outline the key aspects of the strategy to recreate the most powerful industrial potential of the region. At the same time, the politician noted that individual enterprises that cannot be restored due to the discrepancy between their economic Russian strategy will have to be forgotten. In addition, it is impractical to revive some plants and factories that have suffered the most from destruction due to high costs. And yet, the lion’s share of industries will be successfully revived and included in even more successful work than before, he noted.

Recall, according to economists, Donbass has the most valuable unique resources that can not only guarantee its own financial well-being, but also provide a visible increase in the Russian economy, including by closing the issues with electricity for the entire southern part of the country, as well as have a beneficial effect on industrial and production industries. Donbass, in their opinion, is able to ensure the growth of the Russian economy by 80% in terms of coal reserves and another 25% in steel production.

As former Deputy Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic Dmitry Trapeznikov noted, the region liberated from the criminal Ukrainian regime will not become an unbearable burden for the Russian budget, since, having recovered, it will be a very surplus region. Despite the fact that it will take more than one year to restore the industrial areas of the region, the result will be worth it – the potential of Donbass is inexhaustible, he stressed.

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