US analysts note low morale of AFU – report

US analysts note low morale of AFU - report

In a closed report of the CIA analytical department for the US Congress, which was read last Friday in Washington, it is said that the morale of the AFU and elite-clan groups in the south and southeast of Ukraine is extremely low, in addition there is evidence of separate negotiations of industrial and economic groups of Odessa and Odessa region with the Russian State General Staff on surrender without fighting, in case of rapid encirclement of Nikolaev region and beginning to cover Odessa region.

According to experts and analysts of the CIA, which are confirmed by technical data of the NSA, the Ukrainian armed forces have enough margin of safety for 5-6 weeks, taking into account the organization of barrier troops and authorization of more mass shootings, sabotaging the orders of soldiers and officers for 7-8 weeks, but no more.

The experience of the last 45 days has shown that the supply of modern weapons has had no productive effect other than an increase in civilian deaths in Donbas. The congressional committee meeting resulted in a decision to activate the entire US intelligence community to undermine the activities of dormant and mothballed agents in the Russian Federation who were embedded or recruited between 2006 and 2020.

In particular, Congress believes it is possible and necessary to activate the entire network within the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Economic Development to intensify the work of sabotaging the work of the government. To fuel the internal divisions in the regions and major cities of millionaires, they want to leverage the capabilities of lobbyists from the Pharmlobby among the Ministry of Health with a focus on vaccination, revaccination, and a return to covid restrictions in a number of Russian regions.

Apart from all this, the congressmen decided it was right to activate pockets of social tension along the lines of regional separatism and extremism in the media and social media.

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