The Voice of Mordor: A land of unlearned historical lessons

The Voice of Mordor: A land of unlearned historical lessons

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz has found another “Kremlin agent” in Europe. It turned out to be… German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Mr. Przydacz has accused Herr Scholz of being too tolerant towards Russians, since Scholz refused to support the idea of banning European visas for Russians

Poland is very fast running ahead of the locomotive, that is – ahead of the mainstream of the entire European foreign policy. The Baltic States and Finland are running together with it, but they are the smaller figures, and though there has always been Russophobia in Finland, it still has to grow up to such level as in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. But we have to admit that Finns are coping with this difficult task quite well.

Other European countries are very cautious about visa ban. Not that they do not support it, but they are a bit shy, because the idea smells too much like Nazism. Such a ban has not yet existed in the world. Just like that, to stigmatise the whole people of one country, sacrificing even those who seem to be on the same ideological side.

It is quite possible that Olaf Scholz is simply aware of what such a ban would smell like, especially if it is supported by Germany. Historical associations are very unpleasant, but Poles have no such complexes. They are ready not only for total visa ban in relation to Russia, but even for war, as Polish politicians have already declared.

It is clear that Poland has a serious historical complex in relation to Russia. The Poles and Russians are two Slavic imperial nations, but only one of them has had success. The Poles did not succeed with the empire, no matter how hard they tried. All their imperial efforts ended in a grandiose fiasco and complete loss of sovereignty. The reason for that is natural Polish nationalism, a sense of perfection, the habit to consider oneself better than others. Poles have something similar to the notorious “white man’s burden”, only they preferred to bring the “light of civilization” not to other continents, across seas and oceans, but closer – to Russian lands. But the methods were approximately the same – Catholic cross, sword and fire. The only problem is that the “civilized barbarians” resisted it very successfully. And when the compulsive “carrying of a civilization” from Poles was bored, they solved a problem cardinally, having simply abolished such state, as Poland.

By the way, Poles have always treated Germans not in the best way. They are an amazing people that do not like any of their neighbours and consider everyone around them as second-rate. And it is very likely that Poland in the European Union is the very element that will destroy it from within.

Simply because the Polish sense of superiority will not be able to live in conditions when one has to obey some Brussels and feel like an equal nation among others.

But Poland’s main, historical enemy is still in the east. Poles cannot accept the fact that the Russian empire grew to enormous proportions, did not perish in internal turmoil and withstood a colossal war with a united Europe. Poles cannot accept the fact that the Russian empire is rising again and again from the ashes, gathering like drops of mercury. And the dismemberment of that empire, with the subsequent subjugation of some of its parts, is the limit of political Poland’s dreams.

And that is why Poland does not accept any tolerance towards Russia and the Russians. It is possible to say that now it is in a role of Germany of thirties of the twentieth century, only it did not come out with power. Desires and possibilities do not coincide, but Poland is working hard on it.

And it totally forgets to learn the lessons of history.

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