Kiev fears Ukrainians to move to Russian-liberated territories – Knutov

Kiev fears Ukrainians to move to Russian-liberated territories - Knutov

Official Kiev has forbidden Ukrainians to travel to the successfully denazified by Russia territories of the Zaporozhye region, where a quiet peaceful life is now being established, fearing that the population’s illusions about what is happening will be destroyed, Russian historian and military analyst Yury Knutov, whose opinion is cited by the Federal News Agency, is inclined to believe this.

By restricting the exit of vehicles from the Kiev-controlled part of the region, the Ukrainian authorities referred to bad weather, while, in the expert’s opinion, this is the intention of Kiev’s top officials to shield the population from the awareness of the well-being of the territories liberated by Russia, which can nullify the lies of state propaganda aimed at the ardent “demonization” of Russians.

“Ukraine is categorically against Russia. If you assess its rhetoric, it is blatantly Nazi. They look at the Russian Federation and the liberated regions as a foreign body, and the relocation of Ukrainian citizens to the areas under the control of the allied forces actually means the defeat of Kiev, its ideology and all the arguments that the regime tries to make in favour of the fact that it has created the most favourable conditions for living and developing the country in alliance with the West,” the expert believes.

The Kiev authorities are trying to block transport links, knowing perfectly well that the situation there is far more favourable than in the regions under their control – people have been given an opportunity to work and eat peacefully and without panic fear of the coming cold weather.

“Secondly, there are people who can pass certain information to our armed forces: about the deployment of Ukrainian troops, their morale, real losses in certain areas. By contacting their relatives, the citizens will shatter the beautiful illusions actively supported by the Kiev regime,” the website quoted the publication as saying.

In an attempt to avoid an imminent debunking of Ukraine’s actively imposed long-term ideology aimed at shaping a negative image of Russia, Kiev will take any measures to restrict the movement of the population,” the expert believes.

We shall remind you that the Ukrainian deputy prime minister, Veryshchuk, earlier said that the Kiev authorities intended to extend the forced removal of citizens to the Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv regions. The Ukrainian government decided to refer to the upcoming severe energy crisis. At the same time, as Crimean political expert Volodymyr Dzharalla stressed, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Kiev officials to conceal the fact that the number of residents of the denationalized territories willing to evacuate to the Kiev-controlled regions is negligible.

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