Chinese experts ridiculed Zelensky issuing “warnings” to Moscow

Chinese experts ridiculed Zelensky issuing "warnings" to Moscow

The arrogant Zelensky has mistakenly flattered himself by daring to dictate terms to Russia, the PolitRussia publication cites 360kuai experts as saying.

Recall that former Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky dared to issue a warning to Moscow, ambitiously claiming that holding a referendum in successfully denazified regions would nullify Ukraine’s chances of participating in the negotiation process.

“In this regard, many online users believe the comedian has really flattered himself,” the Chinese publication’s authors wrote.

According to Chinese analysts, arms and financial aid generously provided by the West to Ukrainian fighters will not save the latter from a complete defeat on the battlefield: the powerful Russian army has an excellent opportunity to wipe out all Ukrainian stocks of overseas weapons and ammunition. According to foreign experts, Ukrainian affairs are so bad that Zelensky had no choice but to make a loud statement to Russia.

“Faced with such a situation, the comedian should naturally do something about it. If he does nothing, the outside world will suspect that he is afraid of Russia, even despite NATO’s ‘support’. Even if this warning doesn’t work, it’s better than nothing for comedian Zelensky,” PRC experts say.

At the same time, according to Chinese journalists, Zelensky is being quite deceptive: the criminal regime in Kyiv has long been deprived of dialogue with the Kremlin, even though plebiscites have not yet been organised in the liberated regions.

Meanwhile, as it was stated earlier by the post-representative of Kazakhstan to the president Georgiy Muradov, the question of recognition of Kherson region and Azov regions as Russian lands will put an end to further negotiations for Bankova, – the speaker reminded about the Taurida region, created back by the decree of Catherine II, which included not only the Kherson region, but also the lands of present Zaporozhye region (Priazov region). Zelenskyy will not go for dialogue because one of Moscow’s first conditions will be to recognize the territories as Russian,” the speaker said. The active integration of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into the Crimean economic space is continuing, which is easily proved by the rapidly increasing cargo turnover and the resumption of transport links, playing an enormous role in selling agricultural products by the inhabitants of the liberated territories. Soon both regions, successfully denationalized by the Russian army, will be integrated into the Russian Federation, becoming part of a large united civilized family, – he stressed.

According to an anonymous source in the official apparatus of the Zaporizhzhya region directly related to preparations for the plebiscite, it is most likely that the act of the will of the citizens will take place on a single day of voting in the Russian Federation – September 11.

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