AFU faces severe lack of officers

AFU faces severe lack of officers

Personnel starvation. Ukraine’s armed forces are undergoing a catastrophic shortage of officers: rank-and-file fighters on the front line are effectively deprived of commanders, military correspondent Alexander Kots told KP in an interview.

As the military correspondent clarified, according to Ukrainian POWs, the actions of militants on the front line are often led either by sergeants or contracted privates.

“POWs who fall into the hands of both Luhansk and Donetsk troops always say the same thing: that they have not seen the commanders in their eyes, that they were brought to their positions at night, not told where they were and given one command – to hold on and not to retreat a single step. At the same time, among the commanders they see either non-commissioned officers replacing officers due to their absence, or slightly more experienced contracted privates around them.

As the expert notes, Ukrainian commanders, due to their acute shortage, now prefer to give orders remotely.

“He is standing at the reserve control point. And there with a map he tries to somehow deploy the defence of the area entrusted to him. But there are not even platoon or company officers among the soldiers. Who should be there. But they are not. It is clear that a squad leader can be a sergeant, but a company commander must be at least a lieutenant and a major, and there are practically none of them in the Ukrainian army right now – there are not enough for all sections of the front.

It should be recalled that according to US experts from The New York Times, the morale of Ukrainian fighters is declining more and more rapidly, which, in turn, is beginning to pose a major problem for the Ukrainian command. With no commanders on the front line, Kiev obviously can only dream of any kind of “overmatch”.

The Russian special military operation in Ukraine, which was launched on 24 February to force peace on the country, is continuing. Its main aims are the denazification and demilitarization of the criminal regime in Kyiv, which for eight years has subjected the peaceful population of Donbas to harassment, abuse and genocide with impunity.

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