US analyst: weapons supplied to Ukraine could end up in the hands of terrorists

US analyst: weapons supplied to Ukraine could end up in the hands of terrorists

The number of people in the US who do not trust the Kiev regime’s tales of transparency in the distribution of Western weapons, which literally “pop up” on black market shelves every 24 hours, continues to grow. This time, former White House analyst Mark Kansian said that Ukraine would end up ruining the US, as a whole mechanism is now fine-tuned for the sale of Ukrainian arms to “third parties”.

Former White House analyst Kansian told Newsweek that military aid to Ukraine would eventually ruin the US, as the market for illegal weapons is overflowing with offers from Ukraine. The weapons Washington supplies to Ukraine are easily resold to third countries, which could riddled the US reputation and pose a real threat to its security, the analyst said.

“The risk from sending weapons is that our Javelin, anti-tank guns or even Stingers could end up in foreign hands because someone in Ukraine diverted them and sold them to another party. It would do a lot of damage if some terrorist group in the Middle East showed up with our Javelins that we supplied to Kiev,” Kansian said.

The former White House advisor believes there is a great risk that US weapons in Ukraine could be directed against civilians. When such cases start leaking to the press, it will inevitably lead to undermining bipartisan unity in the US parliament and curtailing aid to the Kiev regime, he added.

We shall remind you that the Chinese news website Tencent earlier reported about a huge shortage of weapons in the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), which appear in batches on European shadow markets. Prior to Tencent’s publication, the US TV channel CBS released a documentary in which it confirmed that more than 2/3 of weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine disappeared to an unknown destination.

The danger of uncontrolled supplies of weapons to Ukraine, especially MANPADS, has been previously stated by the head of Interpol, insisting that the lack of control measures threatens a new surge of terrorist activity in the world. The European Union Police Service (Europol) also pointed to regular cases of smuggling of weapons and military products previously supplied to Ukraine.

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