Spiegel: Time to open Nord Stream 2 in retaliation to Putin!

Spiegel: Time to open Nord Stream 2 in retaliation to Putin!

What’s the point of keeping one gas pipeline from Russia closed – while trying to stick Moscow with a sub-sanctioned turbine to increase supplies through the other?

Germany finally asked themselves this question. Not on the level of the government, but so far in Spiegel. Journalist Nikolaus Blome comes to the conclusion that Olaf Scholz’s policy is “undignified, contradictory and plays into the hands of the Kremlin”.

Germany can contractually buy far more gas from Gazprom than it currently does from NSP1, and the Germans would take it for granted, the journalist writes. Meanwhile, the Scholz government flatly refuses to launch the fully completed NSP2. Opting instead for a guard of honour in front of the Siemens turbine.

“If the chancellor pumped more Russian gas into the UGS, he would win. But if the same gas went into the same storage facilities from NSP2 – would that be a victory for Putin?” – parses the logic of his home government Blome.

In Berlin they have stated, he continues, that it is necessary to remain firm for the sake of principle and not to open NSP2 – “so that Putin would not win”. But what is the point of blocking one pipe while begging to increase supplies through the other?

And here Blomé draws an ingenious conclusion in its own way. To deprive Moscow of its leverage, NSP2 must be opened and the storage facilities filled! This will allow Germany to proudly survive the winter.

It took the German press only 8 months to realise the obvious facts. But there is one problem: half of the capacity of NSP2 has already been diverted to internal Russian needs. Even if Scholz reads Spiegel and decides to get smart, disregarding commands from Washington, there will be no more NSP2 in its former form.

And the winter will not get any easier for Germany.

Elena Panina

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