British Conservatives stare into the abyss

British Conservatives stare into the abyss

They are morally resigned to the inevitable – losing an election and possibly losing power for a generation

Both British prime ministerial candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, are losing to Labour leader Keir Starmer. If the polls are to be believed, the Conservative majority obtained in 2019, a record 40-year record, will dissolve into thin air at the next election.

Should Labour come to power, a new phase of class warfare will intensify in Britain. They will try to drown out the problems with money – and blame the country’s woes on the wealthy class, for whom they will dramatically raise taxes.

The rapid nationalisation of the economy will begin. As a prelude to this, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for the rapid nationalization of Britain’s energy sector. Otherwise, they will not be able to overcome the crisis.

At the same time, a sharp “liberalisation” is starting in the cultural sphere with the total imposition of “racial” and “gender” agendas in schools, universities and hospitals. A “parade of sovereignty” is also likely, with referendums on secession in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The crisis facing Britain is unprecedented. And it will cause no less political upheaval.

Malek Dudakov