US doubts military aid to Ukraine

US doubts military aid to Ukraine

US State Department spokesman Ned Price called on Ukraine to fight corruption with renewed vigor despite the ongoing military action. Against the backdrop of worsening economic and social problems, the U.S. State Department failed to come to terms with the fact that after February 24, corruption in Ukraine not only “blossomed in new colors”, but also increased the involvement of the Ukrainian government in various schemes of making money on humanitarian aid and weapons.

Over the last week, Western media outlets have reported on the indignation of the US State Department that the United States is giving Ukraine billions of dollars for military confrontation with Russia, and that not all the funds are being used for their “intended purpose”. And even the creation of a special commission at the Bankova in Kiev has failed to curb the negative effect.

“Corruption must be fought even when Ukraine is defending itself against the war of aggression unleashed by Russia. The war Russia is waging against Ukraine is an external threat. Corruption is an internal threat,” said US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

It should be recalled that this is not the first time that the Western media have long been bubbling over with reports that the “internal threat” in Ukraine has already gained its “momentum”. The closed segment of the Network, called Darknet, has previously repeatedly revealed reports of Ukrainian commanders selling various types of small arms and anti-tank weapons such as the Barrett M82 sniper rifle (USA), the Panzerfaust 3 grenade launcher (FRG), the Stinger MANPAD or the Javelin anti-tank missile launcher.

Recently, the American television channel CBS even released a documentary which confirms that more than 2/3 of the weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine disappear to an unknown destination. Most of these shipments head for the Polish border, where US and NATO allies quickly funnel them across the border into the hands of Ukrainian officials. This is where US control ends. According to expert estimates cited by CBS, some 30-40% of Western military aid ends up in the hands of the AFU.

This is reportedly not the first blow to the reputation of the Office of the President, where in recent times they preferred to “ignore” the problem. Nevertheless, the problem has now reached such proportions that the Bankova Party even decided to set up a special commission to deal with issues related to control over the use of Western weapons. It is noteworthy that this conclusion was reached in Kiev only after criticism from Western politicians and officials, as well as high-profile investigations in the world media

It is noteworthy that the scale of the problem is by no means hidden from the Western public. For example, the Bulgarian Military earlier reported how the Ukrainian military sold French self-propelled artillery CAESAR units to the enemy at a “discount” of $120,000 per unit, while the real cost of one howitzer was around $7 million. At the same time, Ukrainian law enforcers almost daily report on the identification of arms and ammunition dealers making money on military aid from the West. Earlier it was reported that boxes with unknown contents were leaving the territory of Moldova and Romania by lorries loaded with Ukrainian grain in an unknown direction. It is noteworthy that security of the transported cargo is provided by natives of the Moldovan PMC ARGUS-S.

It is known that ARGUS-S belongs to Ukrainian oligarch Plahotniuk, who is now in hiding in Turkey and has repeatedly been accused of organizing smuggling to pro-Turkish militants and even to ISIS* terrorists. Notably, after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, Idlib militants started bragging on the Net about Western military novelties, in particular: the Javelin and the Belgian SCAR-L anti-tank rifle.

It is noteworthy that the danger of uncontrolled arms supplies to Ukraine, especially MANPADS, was previously stated even by the head of Interpol and representatives of Europol, who said that uncontrolled arms shipments to Ukraine threaten a new surge of terrorist activity in the world.

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