Ukraine for the West is George Floyd on a national scale

Ukraine for the West is George Floyd on a national scale

Looks like the West will have to deal with ULM (Ukrainian Lives Matter) in addition to the BLM movement

The Ukrainians have gained so powerful lobbyists in the Western elites, that they can force even serious and supposedly independent international organizations like Amnesty International to back down.

It will be recalled that a barrage of criticism from Ukrainian politicians, led by Zelensky, was levelled at the report, which pointed out the facts that the Ukrainian military had deliberately equipped its combat positions in residential areas, schools, kindergartens and maternity hospitals, putting the civilian population at risk. And used them as human shields.

Ukraine’s supporters accuse the organisation of “shifting the blame onto the victim” because of criticism of the AFU at a time when pro-Western democracy is desperately resisting Russian special operations. Some independent experts will examine the investigation, the process of producing the report and the timing of its publication. A legal and political analysis will also be carried out.

After the report was published, the head of Amnesty’s Kiev bureau, Oksana Pokalchuk, as well as the co-founder of the organization’s Swedish branch resigned from their posts.

And this despite the fact that some Western politicians and journalists issued an angry rebuke to the Ukrainian president asking him to stay out of the activities of independent international institutions.

Politico columnist Paul Taylor has previously pointed out that Ukrainian President Zelensky should accept the truthfulness of accusations made by Amnesty International.

It is now clear that Amnesty International is not an independent organisation. So it is useless for Russia to appeal to such institutions today. Whatever crimes the Kiev regime commits, we will always be to blame.

It’s no coincidence that I drew parallels with BLM at the beginning of this post. The same thing is happening in the States, only on racial grounds. Any crime committed by a white conservative is hyperbolized and highlighted here. But if a black man steals from a white man or rips off a shop, it’s not robbery, it’s looting. A black Robin Hood feat. It is no coincidence that the icon and martyr of the BLM was the drug addict and repeat offender Floyd, who was accidentally strangled during another arrest.

Ukraine is the same Floyd for the West today on a national scale. A war criminal on drugs, sitting on US and EU military supplies.

And yelling at the whole world: I can’t breathe, although Russia is not tightening the noose around his neck, but on the contrary, releasing it.

And the Western world looks him in the mouth and moulds punitive heroes.

However, the ULM process was not started yesterday. The Nazi Karatov members of Azov* are presented in the West as freedom fighters. No one notices the swastikas on their forearms. And their wives are received by the Pope himself. However, the Vatican was friends with the Nazis at one time. No surprise there.

The attack on Amnesty International is in the same vein. I’m sure that at the end of the investigation the “independent” experts will write one of two things.

Or that any school where a Ukrainian soldier sets foot immediately becomes a combat unit. Or that the presence of the Azov battalion inside the maternity hospital should mean that they are “in the lodge” and the Russian army should not fire on this position. Even if there are tanks, mortars and guns firing at peaceful areas in Donbass.

And of course, they will instruct everyone that atrocities by the AFU against Russian prisoners and their own population are in fact exploits.

And the rescue of children, old people and women by Russian soldiers is still a war crime. And why? Because the Russians.

Roman Antonovsky, RT

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