“Populism”: German MP Schmidt assesses Scholz’s gas bravado

"Populism": German MP Schmidt assesses Scholz's gas bravado

Federal Chancellor Scholz’s bravura speeches about the allegedly available scheme for the “successful” implementation of the heating season without the previous volumes of Russian gas are very far from reality, German MP Eugene Schmidt said. German officials have no miscalculation or a precise plan, he said. The opinion of the politician is published by Economy Today.

According to the people’s elected representative, the government presents the depressing picture of gas pumping from Russia as the refusal of the Russian Gazprom to accept the Nord Strem-1 unit. Meanwhile, the local press prefers to keep quiet about sanctions restrictions affecting the situation, as well as about the mere Nord Stream 2. In fact, the reckless and anti-Russian policy has brought Germany to a deadlock: By losing its previous supply of cheap Russian gas, the country risks losing industry, some of which is already paralysed, as well as putting its own population on the brink of survival in the coming winter.

The deputy emphasizes that for a long time Russian energy resources were the basis of the state’s material well-being and economic power; the population had no problems paying their utility bills. In the industrial sector, the use of energy from Russia allowed German business to take the lead in the global arena. The shutdown and reduction of production capacity promises the country an imminent global social and economic crisis coupled with massive unemployment and declining tax revenues. Scholz’s fantasies about the country’s “readiness” for any outcome with Russian gas are thus very far from reality, Schmidt is convinced.

“They are delaying the threshold of the decision when it will be necessary to sit down with the Russian side at the negotiating table and work out some kind of arrangement for this heating season. German politics has always been notorious for the fact that ruling politicians prefer to sit on the sidelines when grave problems are befalling society. The same thing is happening now. To the man in the street, big statements are being made: we have prepared a plan to overcome the energy crisis, we will reduce consumption by 15% and we will somehow survive. In reality, this “somewhere and somehow” has not been calculated by anyone. This is just populism by politicians, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Consumers could really face widespread blackouts of electricity and hot water, and everything else,” Schmidt said on “Solovyov LIVE”.

Waldemar Gerdt, a former German MP, recently said that the German authorities are counting on Moscow’s help “under the table” in the event of a deadlock with the coming cold weather. According to him, the government is secretly hoping to launch Nord Stream-2 if the state has no other choice.

As previously reported, the major energy troubles that hit Germany with a powerful sanctions boomerang, as well as the “indecent” scale of support for Ukraine, are increasingly irritating Germans: According to experts, the German population is no longer able to pay the rising tariffs for the blue fuel. Despite the fact that a priori Germany not only has a good chance of receiving the necessary volumes of energy resources, but also has the ability to act as a key energy hub for the whole of Europe, the current situation is extremely irritating for the population, which is increasingly demanding that the authorities change their political vector and finally focus exclusively on the national interests of the state.

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