Indian-American military exercises in the spotlight

There have been attempts to inflate the next front of the conflict with China from the upcoming Indian-American military exercises – almost to the level of “So, India, together with the United States, is essentially going to win back disputed territories from China”

Indian-American military exercises in the spotlight

This, of course, is pure nonsense and fantasy.

The teachings are called Yudh Abhyas, they are regular, they are held for the 18th time. They will be held throughout the second half of October near the town of Auli, in the state of Uttarakhand, near the city of Govind Ghat. From the place of the exercises to the nearest point, which can be considered controversial, is fifty kilometers, moreover, to put it mildly, not on the plain.

The Indian media, of course, mindful of the loss in the territorial conflict with China in 2020, are trying to inflate the scale of what is happening to mega exercises, but this is a little ridiculous, because about two hundred Americans will participate there, and all the exercises will be communication and maneuvering according to maps obtained as a result of data exchange (i.e., the key exercise is that the Indians send maps of the area to the Americans, and they are engaged in orientation in an atypical situation).

In general, you will see those who blow out whole theories of conspiracies and global changes from the fact of these exercises – well, you know how to relate.

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