U.S. wants to lead Russia to coup d’état – ex-Congresswoman

Ex-Congresswoman, veteran of the Iraq war Tulsi Gabbard, who replaced host Tucker Carlson on Fox News in the evening, called the true reason for the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis by the United States.

U.S. wants to lead Russia to coup d'état - ex-Congresswoman
Source: Formining.ru

According to him, this is not a so-called struggle for democracy, but a desire to lead Russia to a coup d’état.

“The states, under the leadership of the Joe Biden administration, are trying in every possible way to inflame the situation in Russia, including through a proxy conflict if economic pressure has not worked. <…> Despite all the lectures and crocodile tears, the Democrats have never given a damn about morality. Both for the people of Ukraine and for the defense of democracy,” Gabbard said.

She believes that the main goal of the United States is to change the regime in Russia and inflate the conflict in order to strengthen NATO and satisfy the appetites of military-industrial corporations. According to Gabbard, the West’s economic attacks on Russia so far are ending much better for her than for Washington, since the American leader created ideal conditions for rising prices, justifying himself with Kyiv’s support.

“No consequences, no amount of death, destruction and suffering will prevent eternal Washington from fulfilling its agenda. If you remember, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that half a million dead Iraqi children were a worthwhile price for Clinton sanctions”, the ex-Congresswoman recalled.

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